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Frankly Speaking: There Will Always Be a Printing Industry

Frank Romano
 Dec 1, 2014

The skeptics have all but written us off
The pundits call us a sunset industry
Misguided marketers think electronic substitution replaces print
But print will prevail

Yes, some print has become electronic
But you cannot replace all print
An e-greeting is not the same as a Read more »

Frankly Speaking: App Happy

Frank Romano
 Feb 14, 2014

Mid-winter silliness by Frank Romano

There’s an app for that
Or so they tell us
App is application abbreviated
And that is what they sell us

An app is really a program
What computer software begat
But no one ever says
There’s a “prog” for that Read more »

Frankly Speaking: Paper Will be the New Gold

Frank Romano
 Jul 12, 2013

As paper volumes drop because of electronic substitution, and paper mills cut capacity to sync with demand, paper will become a rare commodity. And rare commodities are worth a lot of money.

I would start hoarding paper now instead of gold and silver. Some day, we will have new denominations based on sheets, reams, cases, and of course, rolls of paper. It may not be uncommon to hear “Can I Read more »

Frankly Speaking: No Printing Process Dies

Frank Romano
 Oct 4, 2012

These are the three devices that replicate paper-based documents in quantity: copier, printer, and press.

The difference between a copier and a printer is that the copier requires a hard copy original and the printer requires an electronic file. My guess is that very few, if any, copiers are manufactured any more. The light lens system has been replaced with a scanning system connected to a printer. A Multi Function Printer (MFP) is called that because it can copy, scan, print, and fax. Old habits die hard so they are still called copiers; although, most are really MFPs.

Printers evolved from Read more »

Frankly Speaking: New Print

Frank Romano
 Jul 11, 2012

At drupa 2012, a number of companies brought up the subjects of printed electronics, functional printing, and industrial printing. In most cases, these new print methods and markets went beyond traditional promotional and document printing, which is mostly reproduced on paper and paperboard substrates. Let’s try to understand this new market:

Printed electronics is based on conductive or optical inks deposited on a substrate, creating active or passive devices. It will create very low-cost electronics for flexible displays, smart labels and packaging, animated posters, active clothing, and components in other products. The printing of electronics can use traditional printing methods for depositing special inks on material, using screen printing, flexography, gravure, offset lithography, and inkjet. There are still significant technical hurdles to printing RFID circuitry and chips.

Functional printing is the deposition of a printable substance that Read more »

Frankly Speaking: The Drupa Drupa

Frank Romano
 Jan 18, 2012

Predicting the predominant theme of Drupa is like predicting presidential prospects. It is fraught with peril.

We know that the last Drupa in 2008 was truly an inkjet-oriented Drupa. Few of you can tell me what was new in offset litho but all can remember that HP became one of the largest exhibitors with a new high-speed, high-quality, roll-fed inkjet press that broke all the rules–inkjet, high speed, high quality, and roll fed were not terms that commonly collided in the same sentence.

The every-4 year (it was once 5 years) international show schedule was designed to provide enough time for large leaps in technology.  That is why Drupa, Ipex, and PRINT shows have a personality. There is always something truly new.

As the 2012 edition of Drupa rapidy approaches we pundits delight in prognosticating. It is either that or actually working for a living. My original prediction was that Drupa 2012 would be “inkjet on steroids.” The steroid lobby has taken offence so I am re-thinking all inking.

Let us set the stage. Once HP set the bar for a new breed of inkjet printer/press in 2008, Read more »

Frankly Speaking: How does a magazine say goodbye after 128 years?

Frank Romano
 Aug 22, 2011

In 1967 the printing industry and its suppliers supported over 30 advertising-based magazines:

The nationals: Inland Printer/American Printer, Graphic Arts Monthly, Printing Impressions, Printing Production, Printing Magazine, and Modern Lithography.

The regionals: New England Printer, Southern Printer, Pacific Printer, Southern Printer, Printing Views (midwest), Printing News (New York), and Florida Printer

The inplants: Inplant Printer, Inplant Reproductions, The Office

Publishing: Editor & Publisher, Publishers Auxiliary (weeklies), American Press, Publisher’s Weekly, and Book Industry

The internationals: Canadian Printer, British Printer, El Arte Tipografico, Artes Graficas

The art magazines: Art Direction, Graphic Design USA, CA magazine

Other: Graphic Arts Product News, The Typographical Journal

Later on there were Quick Printer, MicroPublishing News, TypeWorld/Electronic Publishing, PRE-, and Publish.

Here is a collage of some of them that I made in 1967. Yes, I am a hoarder. Read more »

Frankly Speaking: A Snapshot of the Printing Industry

Frank Romano
 Jun 22, 2011

Printing Impressions magazine publishes an annual list of printing companies. Even though some companies who should be there are not, it is good representative list of 400 printers that range from over $10 Billion to $4 million.

How many and what percentage are based in the midwest?  Read more »

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