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Color drives the production printing market

Ralf Schlozer
 Jul 23, 2012
Every year InfoTrends updates its five-year print on demand (POD) forecast, with the latest edition now covering the years from 2011 to 2016. The forecast looks at placements, print volumes and revenues achieved in digital production printing. It is becoming obvious that digital printing is not a niche process anymore. The retail value of digital printing (excluding office, home and large format printing) in the U.S. and Western Europe was $63 billion in 2011 when considering all production printing environments from copy shop and small in-plant to large commercial printers and data center service bureaus. InfoTrends expects revenues to grow by about 4% annually.
What is noticeable in the current forecast is that the growth rate for color impressions in production copying and digital printing has accelerated compared to the previous forecasts. In fact, the growth rate is expected to increase to 18.5% CAGR compared to almost 15% in the last forecast for the United States. Continuous-feed inkjet color and, to some extent, the expected new B2 devices are responsible for this growth. Since there is an increased color share in this forecast, color impressions will have a more pronounced influence on the total POD volume and associated revenues. The color share of all U.S. impressions is expected to grow from 23% in 2011 to 48% in 2016. The decline rate of black and white impressions, however, remains almost unchanged. Western Europe will show an even stronger shift towards color, with an average annual growth of 20.4% for impressions made on color devices- opposed to a decline in impressions on black & white devices of over 7% per year. The European market is already more inclined towards color print and by 2015 more digital impressions in Western Europe will be done on color devices than on black & white devices. This is quite a shift for a market in which black & white accounted for 80% of impressions only five years ago.

Cautiously Optimistic Outlook for the Print Production Software Market

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 Jul 29, 2011

InfoTrends has published its latest Print Production Software Market update and forecast. It contains the actual market size of 2010 and projections until 2015.

The global print production software market posted an 11% growth in 2010 and is expected to grow from $7.4bn in 2010 to $10.1bn in 2015, representing a 7.9% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR). After big declines in 2009, most categories rebounded in 2010, but the market is still, albeit marginally, below the record-year 2008. Read more »

Pulling Out of the Crisis: High-End Production Placements Drive Future Digital Printing Volumes

Ralf Schlozer
 Apr 8, 2011

Each year at the end of March, InfoTrends publishes its production digital printing hardware placement and market share numbers for the previous year. It always takes a while to gather data from all the vendors involved; structure, verify, and input the data into our database; and create pivot tables so that the data can be easily viewed and segmented. Even for us analysts who are involved in the market pretty much every day of the year, it is exciting to see the final results. We also collect data on a quarterly basis, but in the same way that the show isn’t over until the fat lady sings, the year isn’t over until quarter four placements arrive. Even after the placement numbers come in, it’s a lot of work to ensure that every placement is correctly accounted for in the end.

After a dismal year for digital production printing system sales in 2009, 2010 proved to be better than expected. Particularly after a weak start in 2010, many expected the crisis to linger a bit longer. Negative news about the economy, like troubles with the Euro and a rising U.S, deficit, seemed to confirm that view. The demand for print usually trails the economic cycle to some extent, and print service providers tend to invest only after the outlook has brightened. In 2010, however, at least some print service providers were more proactive and invested in new opportunities. Read more »

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