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Home printed car parts and toys, still a dream!

Ron Gilboa
 Jun 10, 2013

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal this week discussed 3D Printing by companies such as Ford, General Electrics, and Mattel. The article was also accompanied by a video interview with Ford’s Harold Sears, 3D printing specialist at Ford who provided insights on the use of 3D printing at his facility.

In the article, the three companies discussed their long time use of 3D printing to make prototypes, molds, and even finished products using 3D technology. Key drivers for 3D printing at these companies are the ability to produce accurate parts faster than traditional fabrication methods, and reduced costs. These stories highlight this common theme but also one other–that manufacturers have good reasons to be against the “printing” of their parts or even whole products. Read more »

Ford SYNCs the CD – Time to Rescue Your Photos?

Alan Bullock
 Jul 29, 2011

While the CD is not quite dead, another indication that its days are numbered surfaced this week. A number of news outlets reported that Ford Motor Company will begin to discontinue in-dash CD players as standard equipment in some of its cars, starting with the 2012 Ford Focus. Read more »

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