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HP’s Hiflex Buy: More Than Meets the Eye

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 Dec 20, 2011

On December 6, HP announced its acquisition of Aachen, Germany-based Hiflex Software, a provider of print Management Information System (MIS) and Web-to-print software. Unlike EFI, which scooped up German MIS provider Alphagraph on exactly the same day for the purpose of expanding its customer base and sales capabilities internationally, HP’s prime motivation was to acquire technology to power its enterprise cloud-based printing initiatives.

Since the printing industry is in decline and printed pages are under pressure from electronic communications, growth in digital page volume for digital print manufacturers needs to come either from offset migration or by switching over pages produced on competing devices. For HP, developing cloud-based technology that capitalizes on its IT strength with the intent to capture enterprise print directly is a practical (albeit risky) strategy to route more volume to its Indigo customers. Read more »

HP’s Strategic Announcements Signal Major Enterprise Focus

Randall Dazo
 Aug 19, 2011

In life they say “timing is everything” and for the financial community, it is no coincidence that HP made several announcements yesterday during their Q3 earnings call.

Leo Apotheker, HP CEO and President, made it clear that he intends to continue aggressively pursuing the enterprise services and software business. Mr. Apotheker announced three bold moves including:

  • “HP confirms that it is in the discussions with Autonomy regarding the possible offer for the company”
  • “HP board of directors has authorized the exploration of strategic alternatives for its Personal Systems Group (PSG)”
  • “HP will discontinue operations of webOS devices”

Any of these announcements made separately could have caused their shareholders to react differently, but as a whole provided a much stronger message of Apotheker’s strategy to transform HP. This was the first BIG announcement from Mr. Apotheker and it was important for him to set expectations for the company, its customers and its shareholders.

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Is the Enterprise ready for Open Source?

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 Aug 2, 2011

Stuck in a proprietary software-heavy mentality, enterprises do not typically rely on open source software (OSS) within their business. Yet arguing whether OSS or proprietary software is best for an organization is usually done in vain, as it largely depends on an organization’s needs, their comfort levels in implementing customized applications, and what they want to accomplish with the software (similar to how the debate around cloud computing and server-based software has evolved). All these different types of software implementation strategies cater to different requirements within an enterprise.

But over the past few years, we’ve seen OSS and the cloud become much more dominant on a consumer and SMB level thanks to Android, a sluggish economy, and the dependency of anywhere, anytime access of information. And as the consumerization of IT continues to infiltrate and transform the way organizations run their business, will enterprises who rely on proprietary software and on-premise applications inevitably transition to OSS and the cloud? Read more »

Is one business plan for 2011 enough?

Zac Butcher
 Nov 12, 2010

Just as we were all getting comfortable with the new normal and looking forward to a relatively normal year end — boom, Ireland.

A little while ago I blogged on the financial issues in Europe, the fact that the markets always want to see actions (money) rather than words and how this uncertainty might impact our industry. Well we’re seeing something of a repeat of the Greek situation from earlier this year with Ireland right now. However, there is a distinct change of mood detectable. Read more »

Canon Expo Europe 2010 Surprises with Consulting Service

Ralf Schlozer
 Oct 25, 2010

A trip to Paris can be a wonderful experience, but hosting a business event in France can also be a gamble these days due to the strikes that have affected transport services. Luckily, this gamble paid off for Canon as the company held its 2010 Canon Expo Europe in Paris. Despite the strikes, this event attracted nearly 14,000 attendees in 3 days. Once every five years, Canon holds its expo for customers, prospects, dealers, and press members in the major geographies. A U.S. event was held in New York City in the beginning of September, and this was followed up with the Paris event in mid-October.

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Nuance Announces PDF Converter Enterprise 7

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 Aug 3, 2010

Yesterday, Nuance announced the new release of its award-winning desktop PDF software, Nuance PDF Converter Enterprise 7.  Nuance is continuing to improve their position in the office solution space with this new product which works seamlessly with Nuance eCopy solutions, which Nuance acquired in 2009.  With a variety of connectors for eCopy ShareScan and PaperWorks to build off of, PDF Converter Enterprise 7 promises it will enable users with the full functional benefits of PDF and connectivity into DMS.

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HP Extends Its MES Offerings

Randall Dazo
 Apr 23, 2010

On April 20, HP made a few new announcements to help strengthen its Managed Enterprise Services (MES) offering to its customers. HP has been offering Managed Print services through its direct organization for almost 4 years now. HP executives say that the company currently has approximately 2,500 customers and is managing approximately 18.5 billion pages under HP MPS programs. Back in September of 2009, HP formally named its program Managed Enterprise Services, in which executives reinforced the company’s Optimize, Manage, and Improve Workflow strategies with new solutions and an extended alliance with longtime partner Canon. This alliance was reinforced with an announcement made last week between HP, Canon, and Fedex Office. This new offering will bring about 12,000 devices into 1,800 locations where customers will be able to utilize these print and output solutions in a near site location. Read more »

European debt resulting in different speeds of economic recovery

Zac Butcher
 Feb 25, 2010

Wherever I go at the moment I hear cautious optimism regarding the European economy and the prospects for business in 2010. Nevertheless there seems to be something troubling people, a sense of unease despite the positive sentiments. A couple of weeks ago someone went as far as suggesting they were seeing a multi-speed recovery in Europe; some markets picking up - others remaining severely challenged.

Today, I thought I’d take the bull by the horns, go one step further and openly talk about the enormous elephant in the room – DEBT.

OK, so I’ve said it – what now? Read more »

Open Text Analyst Event

Anne Valaitis
 Jan 18, 2010

I had the opportunity to attend the Open Text Analyst Event in Boston on January 13th. This annual event provides Open Text the opportunity to share their current marketing and product strategy plans.  The event format seemed to follow others I have attended as well as past Open Text events (there were no show stoppers or game changing announcements this time around). Open Text provided information to the hungry analysts by way of plenty of powerpoint to chew on in the morning session.  The sound of laptops and tablets tapping away (I chose old school pen and composition notebook) was the background hum to each presenter.  The executive team, some of which are relatively new to Open Text, each presented their area of expertise and built upon the last digging slightly deeper as we went along . In an effort to change the tone (and maybe to push back the post luncheon yawns),  the afternoon provided a “speed-dating” (we all joked about it) atmosphere, sitting with select members of the executive team for short bursts of time.

If you don’t know who Open Text is, they are a multi-national company that manages content for hundreds of brands (BMW, Sony, Citibank, Pfizer and Coca Cola just to name a few) and states more than 100 million users in over 50,000 deployments worldwide. So if you don’t know Open Text, you certainly know the companys whose content they support.  And there is no shortage of content, content that is growing exponentially every day, in fact there is an explosion of content from email, text, social media, traditional business applications, newspapers, video, music and books.

Open Text is essentially an ECM vendor and over the years has amassed many different brands including: Vignette, Hummingbird, LiveLink and Captaris to bolster its position and portfolio. Acquiring many discrete businesses has been no small endeavor and in fact has taken time to rationalize under one “Suite” or umbrella offering. Open Text demonstrated how the suite will serve all layers of the enterprise experience from the user level to process level integration and to the base library level. It remains to be seen just how successful this unified message will carry, Open Text themselves admits a lower than preferred penetration into existing customers

And how is Open Text innovating for the future…by learning to play the game Halo…no seriously, Tom Jenkins, Open Text Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer, shared with us his newly acquired skill as a gamer, this Jenkins admits, provides him the ability to truly understand how this next generation consumes content digitally, and their expectation of the digital experience…it was probably fun too!

Expect Open Text to go deep this year…to the heart of the customer, the heart of their own business all with a focus on innovation and mobility.

Canon to Acquire Océ

Anne Valaitis
 Nov 16, 2009

Today, Canon Inc. (trading symbol CAJ) announced a public cash offer for all the shares of Océ (trading symbol OCE).  Canon intends to make an offer of € 8.60 per Share (cum dividend) for 100% of the outstanding Shares of Océ, representing a premium of 70% over Océ’s closing share price of Friday 13 November 2009 and 137% to the average share price over the last 12 months, this makes the deal worth about 1.1 billion dollars.

In the wake of other major acquisitions in the last year, particularly Ricoh’s acquisition of IKON, there has been much speculation about what Canon will do. Now that Canon has agreed to acquire Océ, it is clear that one of its strategic options has been selected. Read more »

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