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Weak economy continues to impact North America office equipment market in 2012

Barbara Richards
 Mar 29, 2013

Overall, slow economic growth in both the U.S. and Canada continued to impact the North America office equipment market in 2012. Total unit shipments of all office single function printers and MFPs declined 10.6% year over year; this figure includes all technologies: laser, inkjet, and impact. Once again, HP held the number one market share position in 2012 with 50.1% of the market. This was followed by Canon (14.8%) and Epson (10.4%).

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ExpoRecilador Brings the Mexican Supplies Aftermarket Together

David Ramos
 Sep 24, 2012

ExpoRecilador, held August 30-31, 2012 at Expo Reforma in Mexico’s Distrito Federal, is an annual event in Mexico for independent office equipment dealers, aftermarket resellers/distributors, and ink/toner cartridge remanufacturers. The forum was created to provide information to maximize a company’s efforts in growing market share, launching growth initiatives, and learning trends impacting the aftermarket and remanufacturing industry. The aftermarket industry (like many others) is constantly moving and developing. ExpoRecilador is focused on keeping Mexican companies up to date with specific aftermarket industries movements in a setting and venue to view the latest developments and new market niches in the Mexican market.

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Connectivity and Intelligence Are the Keys to the Future

Ed Lee
 Sep 12, 2012

Excerpt from Photo Industry Reporter’s State of the Industry 2012

The imaging industry has entered the Connected Era where consumer behavior and expectations are primarily driven by smart devices and online services. Consumer spending is being diverted from traditional digital cameras and photo prints to smartphones, tablets, apps, and social media. To stay relevant, traditional camera companies and photo print service providers need to align themselves with the forces of mobility, social media, apps, and cloud services.

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The rescue deal that isn’t a rescue deal – European business uncertainty remains as we enter 2012

Zac Butcher
 Dec 14, 2011

It would have been extremely unwise for EU leaders to leave last week’s Eurozone make-or-break summit without a new announcement.  The latest attempt at a solution saw EU leaders focus on a set of financial rules for the medium-term and not on the immediate issues of unsustainable sovereign debts, rising costs of servicing those debts and lacklustre growth.  Future rules will only be relevant if they ever get to that future.

Ultimately though it was the British veto that stole the headlines.  Everyone involved seems only too willing to continue discussing this sideshow.  The resultant media smokescreen has not been enough to divert attention; people have noticed that another EU meeting has passed without any sign of a credible plan.

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Is the Enterprise ready for Open Source?

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 Aug 2, 2011

Stuck in a proprietary software-heavy mentality, enterprises do not typically rely on open source software (OSS) within their business. Yet arguing whether OSS or proprietary software is best for an organization is usually done in vain, as it largely depends on an organization’s needs, their comfort levels in implementing customized applications, and what they want to accomplish with the software (similar to how the debate around cloud computing and server-based software has evolved). All these different types of software implementation strategies cater to different requirements within an enterprise.

But over the past few years, we’ve seen OSS and the cloud become much more dominant on a consumer and SMB level thanks to Android, a sluggish economy, and the dependency of anywhere, anytime access of information. And as the consumerization of IT continues to infiltrate and transform the way organizations run their business, will enterprises who rely on proprietary software and on-premise applications inevitably transition to OSS and the cloud? Read more »

European debt resulting in different speeds of economic recovery

Zac Butcher
 Feb 25, 2010

Wherever I go at the moment I hear cautious optimism regarding the European economy and the prospects for business in 2010. Nevertheless there seems to be something troubling people, a sense of unease despite the positive sentiments. A couple of weeks ago someone went as far as suggesting they were seeing a multi-speed recovery in Europe; some markets picking up - others remaining severely challenged.

Today, I thought I’d take the bull by the horns, go one step further and openly talk about the enormous elephant in the room – DEBT.

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Post-Recession Partnerships

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 Aug 11, 2009

Walk into virtually any Barnes and Noble bookstore and chances are you’ll see a Starbucks. Head into a Stop&Shop and you can grab yourself a “medium regulah” from Dunkin Donuts and a video rental from RedBox after you’re done grocery shopping (much to the chagrin of BlockBuster Video, which is often next door). These partnerships make so much sense, we often forget the number of billable hours that go into these corporate-level contracts. The “book store” or “grocery store” experience is far too adjacent to coffee consumption and video rentals for vendors not to take notice of incremental revenue possibilities.

But partnerships in the post-recession era are about far more than incremental revenue. Read more »

Ritz Camera Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

Ed Lee
 Feb 24, 2009

ritz-logo1InfoTrends predicted in its 2009 Digital Photography Road Map analysis that retailers would be hurt as the digital camera market takes a tumble. Alas, it appears that Ritz Camera will be one of the first victims in 2009.

On Monday, February 23, Ritz Camera announced that it had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. This announcement will send ripples across the imaging industry. With almost 800 stores, Ritz Camera is the largest photo specialty retailer in the U.S. The company blames the recession and consumers’ shift to digital photography for part of its losses. Ritz is seeking court permission to obtain $85 million of financing to keep operating while it restructures, and it hopes it may eventually emerge from Chapter 11. We wish them the best of luck.

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