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Where does the future of media lie: printed or electronic?

Ralf Schlozer
 Aug 2, 2010

Media tycoon Robert Murdoch announced last year that he wants to charge for online content of his publications. The Times in the U.K. made the move to charge for site content a few weeks ago. Experian, a company tracking web hits recorded a decline of 66% after introducing the paywall, as measured by the Times’ share of web hits of all media companies. Hits have seen further slight decline but started to stabilise. Competitor UK newspaper The Guardian took the analysis a step further and found that all non-registered surfers were forwarded to a sign-in page and that only 25.6% signed up there and proceeded to the originally targeted Times page. Taking into account free pre-registration of subscribers of the printed issue The Guardian concludes that the Times online lost overall 90% of its traffic. Actually this is pretty much in the range of what was predicted by the Sunday Times’ editor. It could even be worse in the future. Currently The Times is running a low cost trial subscription of just £1.00 for 30 days, instead of £2.00 per week as planned. On top there is a hefty reduction in on-line advertising revenues, as these are calculated by the actual views made by consumers. It does not help that Murdoch’s newspaper titles did pull out of the voluntary page view auditing for news sites – somebody stopping in reporting numbers is usually not a good sign.

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