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Nikon D7500 – A Few Steps Forward, A Couple Steps Back

David Haueter
 Mar 30, 2018

I’ve been a Nikon shooter for almost 30 years, starting with film SLRs and moving up through the range of various digital SLRs introduced over the years. I shoot mostly cars and motorsport, so I usually prefer the DX format cameras for the added zoom capabilities provided by the smaller sensor’s crop factor. I’ve shot with a D7100 for years, so I was especially interested in the D7500 when it came out. There’s a lot to like about the D7500, from its continuous shooting speed of 8 frames per second and 51-point autofocus system to its larger buffer and high-resolution tilt LCD display.

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Nikon D7100 Fills the Bill

David Haueter
 Oct 11, 2013

Back in February of this year, I blogged about my mission to replace the Nikon D200 DSLR I’ve been shooting with for the past several years. That search would have been easy if Nikon had replaced the D300s SLR (introduced well over five years ago) with a new D400 model, but they haven’t and there don’t seem to be any indications that they will, so I’ve spent this year testing the FX-format full-frame D800 (see the D800 blog), and D600 cameras, and most recently the D7100 DX-format model.

Nikon D7100

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The Nikon DSLR Conundrum

David Haueter
 Feb 19, 2013

Besides conducting research on the photography market for our clients, many of the analysts in the InfoTrends’ Consumer & Professional Imaging group are serious hobbyists and even semi-professional photographers outside of work. In my spare time, I do a lot of writing and photography for a few different car magazines; with most of my photography work a mix of still and action shots, including coverage of motorsport events.

For the last seven years, I’ve been shooting with a Nikon D200 and have wanted to upgrade for the last two years. The D200 has been a workhorse and is still a reliable camera, but is starting to show its age. The command dial has become increasingly difficult to turn over the last year; the rubber front grip piece has been glued back to the body twice in the last year, and the clips that hold batteries in place in the optional battery grip are both broken off (though they work when the door is closed). The D200’s 10.2MP resolution is still adequate for the magazines I shoot for and even some ad work, but there have been occasions in the last year where I’ve lost work because the resolution wasn’t sufficient for larger format applications.

So it’s time to demote the D200 to backup camera, but deciding what [Nikon] model to upgrade to has been a bit of a conundrum. What I really want is a professional-level DX-format camera with an all-metal body, higher resolution (somewhere between 18-24MP), and a faster continuous shooting speed. A replacement for the aging D300s would be perfect, but Nikon’s recent focus on the higher end of the market has revolved around full-frame FX-format cameras and not DX.  That leaves me with a choice between the D800 and the D600, as the D4 and D3x are well out of my price range.

Nikon D800

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CILCs are Catching on Among Pro Photographers – But What’s in a Name?

Eve Padula
 Jan 3, 2013

Terminology within the digital photography market can be ambiguous, especially when the industry has not yet standardized naming conventions. For example, consider the DILC (digital interchangeable lens camera) market and its subcategories. DILC is an umbrella term that incorporates all cameras with interchangeable lenses, but it can be further divided into two major categories–digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras and compact interchangeable lens cameras (CILCs).

At this time, CILCs are primarily separated from DSLRs based on the exclusion of a mirror box, a smaller size, and a lighter weight. Nevertheless, product definitions are still undergoing changes and the lines are blurring all the time. To this point, products like Panasonic’s Lumix GH3 do not contain a mirror box but are roughly the same size and weight of a traditional DSLR. Over time, InfoTrends believes that the distinction between CILCs and DSLRs will disappear, and interchangeable lens cameras will simply be referred to as DILCs. The cameras in this category would then compete head-to-head in terms of features, functionality, and price. Right now, however, the DSLR and CILC subcategories still exist.

According to InfoTrends’ 2012 report entitled Digital Imaging and Professional Photographers, the vast majority of pro photographers currently own DSLRs. Although other camera types are also in use, none are nearly as popular as DSLRs. At the same time, however, the share of professional photographers who reported owning CILCs more than quadrupled year-over-year, rising from just 11% in 2011 to over 49% in 2012. Read more »

Nikon and Canon Offer Exciting New Camera Options for Enthusiast Photographers

David Haueter
 Sep 25, 2012

During the third week of September, many of the press and analysts that cover the photography market were in Cologne, Germany at the bi-annual Photokina trade show, Europe’s largest photography show. InfoTrends was there covering the show and even hosted an InfoBriefing about the trends that will shape the market over the next few years. For those of us that were not in Germany, the Pepcom Holiday Spectacular event in New York City gave us a chance to see some of the new cameras that were creating a buzz at the Photokina show and have not hit the shelves here in the U.S. yet.

Nikon's new D600 SLR

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Digital Interchangeable Lens Cameras Well-Positioned Worldwide

Ed Lee
 Jan 6, 2012

According to InfoTrends’ latest Worldwide Digital Camera forecast, digital interchangeable lens cameras (DILCs) sales were strong last year and are expected to continue to sell well over the next 5 years.

Over the holiday break, we visited each of the websites (U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan and China) to do an informal poll to see how popular Digital SLRs (DSLR) and Compact Interchangeable Lens Cameras (CILC) were for shoppers. The websites shows the 100 most popular cameras sold and updates the list hourly. Camera body only and various kit configurations are counted separately.

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Picture-Perfect Royal Wedding

Ed Lee
 May 19, 2011

The Royal Wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton on April 29th was one of the most photographed events of the decade. Over 327 million photos were expected to be taken during Royal Wedding related festivities in the U.K., according to a study by InfoTrends, which was commissioned by Nikon.

Internally, we debated which type of camera would be most popular; specifically the digital still camera or the camera phone. Given that the Royal Wedding was a planned picture taking event, the front runner was the compact digital still camera. In an unscientific survey, we awarded the compact digital still camera the top prize. How did we arrive at the winner? We used a 1.15-gigapixel picture (made up of 189 photos shot by Spherical Images) that the BBC News posted on its website,

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Musings of a Snapshooter that Converted to a Family Memory Keeper

Other Posts
 Jul 22, 2010

14 months ago, I gave birth to my first child, a little boy. Prior to his birth, I had spent a lot of time speaking with clients about the opportunity that mothers represent to the photography industry. I could see from the many of the surveys that we conducted in Europe and the U.S. that mums (or moms) take many photos and also print and share a great deal of them. Mums are typically less affluent than male Hobbyists, but they seem to be willing to spend a larger proportion of their income on photos. Now that I am a mother myself, I can speak with conviction about why mums are so photo-active.

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