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Sharp’s Vision for the Smart Workplace

Deborah Hawkins
 May 17, 2018

The traditional work environment is fundamentally transforming, and visions of the future Smart Workplace are emerging. Through the combination of the Internet, mobility, cloud, sensors, and the Internet of things, work can get done virtually anywhere people can communicate, collaborate, and transact.

To better segment and organize the “Smart Workplace,” Keypoint Intelligence has created a taxonomy of services related to our industry. This taxonomy helps define and categorize disparate technologies and services into a more concrete and comprehensive view of the Smart Workplace solutions and services.

Figure 1 : Smart Workplace Segments


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Toshiba LEAD – The Race to…wait for it…One Billion Dollars!

David Ramos
 Nov 25, 2013

Revenue diversification and revenue growth as a corporate strategy to increase sales from new products and new markets is nothing new. Expanding into a new segment of an industry that a business is already in, or investing in a promising business outside of the scope of the existing business are solid avenues to diversification. What is so unique about Toshiba America Business Solutions is how they get there; with technology creation, innovation and a true brand agnostic approach. Need proof they are serious? 25% of their core MFP product page is HP & Lexmark and almost their entire printer product page is NOT THEIR PRODUCT. This is not the bait and switch of a Global Imaging Systems, where you are assured that yes, you will be able to continue carrying multiple product lines, only to make the non-Xerox line noncompetitive with high internal transfer costs making it difficult if not impossible to recommend products that compete with the core Xerox line. No, this group at Toshiba is different and the independent dealer channel should take notice.

Toshiba LEAD for the second consecutive year struck home a message of “Revenue Beyond Print”. Digital Signage and the Ellumina Digital Signage services along with Virtuoso digital signage displays, and LED signage for outdoor usage was eloquently showcased and created a very positive buzz among the independent dealers, Toshiba direct employees and end user attendees. Highlighted throughout the technology floor and general sessions were applications and content vs. hardware which made it easy for dealers and end users to envision the digital signage market opening as well as key vertical market opportunities were demonstrated.


Toshiba Digital Signage in Tesla Dadeland Showroom - Miami, Florida

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Digital Signage Continues to Evolve in Japan

 Jun 18, 2013

The most recent Digital Signage Japan event took place from June 12-14 in Makuhari Messe, Japan. The show attracted 85 exhibitors and approximately 130,000 visitors.

This year’s trends included low cost, compact size, energy efficiency, simple content creation, easy updating, interactive functionality, and mobility. One interesting example of interactive functionality at the show involved signage with an embedded camera, a motion sensor, and Kinect. When these signs detected a human approaching, they would display the most appropriate digital signage. Furthermore, using the non-contact IC card that is built in to some mobile phones or smartphones, or leveraging a QR code/2-dimension bar code to access and display augmented reality contents on a portal site, some of these displays were even able to connect to social networking sites and update in real-time.

In the Intel corner of Microsoft’s booth, there was a demonstration that enabled visitors to have conversations with cartoon characters. The characters were able to react to human activity and language using image recognition, voice recognition, and speech synthesis technology. This system has been adopted by a cartoon store in the Akihabara district of Tokyo.

On July 18, InfoTrends will hold its Wide Format and Specialty Jetting conference in the Shinagawa, Tokyo Conference center. During this conference, we will be discussing some of the newest trends concerning label packaging, textiles, ceramic/tile, printed electronics, and 3D printing. A full-day conference with 11 sophisticated sessions will go beyond digital signage. InfoTrends will have 4 analysts present at the conference, so don’t miss the chance to explore the hottest topics in the wide format & label packaging market! For more information, visit web site or contact us at

Reaching the Right Customer through Digital Signage

Mark DiMattei
 Apr 2, 2012

Marketing is in a constant state of flux. In the past few years, we’ve seen the growth of TransPromo, multi-channel marketing, and VDP as marketing service providers shift their strategies to grab the attention of media-savvy consumers. Marketers are aware of various techniques to getting the most out of their expenditures, and most have come to the conclusion that carpet bombing with flyers and generic advertisements doesn’t work anymore. Demographics now play a huge part in the success of marketing campaigns as brands attempt to reach the select few people that will actively purchase their product or use their service. Akin to traditional printed signage, digital signage provides many benefits that can allow marketers to capitalize on this new system of targeted promotional messaging.

The big advantage to digital signage systems as an advertising method is its ability to deliver a targeted message based on its location and what is known about viewers in those locations at a specific time of day. Advertising messages can be crafted to improve their effectiveness to that select audience.  Targeted messaging can be created that blends promotional messaging as well as directional information, news, time, temperature and other information. In a way, digital signage has become a digital cousin of TransPromo–combining informational content and commercial messaging in one electronic space.

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In the News – August 12th

Other Posts
 Aug 12, 2011

InfoTrends is frequently asked to provide quotes and data for leading news outlets. Here are just some of the recent stories that InfoTrends information has been featured in: Read more »

In the News – July 15th

Other Posts
 Jul 15, 2011

InfoTrends is frequently asked to provide quotes and data for leading news outlets. Here are just some of the recent stories that InfoTrends information has been featured in: Read more »

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