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Out of the hard drive and into a cloud

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 Aug 23, 2013

After spending my Sunday afternoon looking through shoeboxes of photos, I realise that I have more printed photos of my childhood than I do of my adulthood. I have endless family albums and envelopes filled with memories of my younger years. The fact that my old family photos are only available as prints makes me cherish them even more. The sentimental feelings I get holding these photos in my hands I don’t feel when I look at photos I have stored electronically.    

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David Haueter
 Jun 7, 2013

There’s no question that the output side of the photo market has been impacted in some negative ways by the electronic world, as more people are using websites, social networking and the cloud to share, manage and archive their photos rather than print them. However, that electronic side of the world also presents some real opportunities for vendors that are proactive about taking advantage of the benefits that merging the electronic and printed worlds has to offer.

InfoTrends believes that the future success of the photo output market relies in large part on how the physical, output side of the market melds with the electronic virtual world. Our research has shown that a significant percentage of consumers are interested in producing output from photos that are shared and viewed electronically, be it on a social networking site like Facebook, a photo gallery site like Flickr or through an online photo services provider. In the recently published 2013 U.S. Photo Merchandise End-User Study, InfoTrends found that 83% of photo merchandise buyers had interest in creating photo merchandise products that allowed people to work together online in product design and/or creation. has established a reputation as a site for people that want to publish their own books (including photo books) but is now striking into new territory with their site (, which harnesses the power of electronic sharing and collaboration to create unique photo books and calendars. The site has collaborative features that allow people to add their own photos to a single gallery, which can then be used to create photo books or calendars, and photos can not only be uploaded from the computer but also pulled from Facebook or accounts.

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Photo Boom Time: Challenges and Opportunities

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 May 15, 2013

Yesterday Nokia launched the Lumia 925 at a high profile event in London. The Lumia 925 joins a long line of venerable smartphones. The Lumia 925 features an 8.7MP camera and a 6 element lens. With this phone Nokia attempts to cement its position as the imaging leader in the smartphone market. Smartphones are mini computers that can be carried around at any time. Small, light and in most cases with cameras that are good enough for taking both every day and occasional special occasion photos. These are also the reasons why smartphones are taking the place of digital cameras as the camera used most often by consumers. InfoTrends’ European end user data clearly illustrates this trend. Read more »

e-Cards have benefits, but printed cards are more meaningful

David Haueter
 Apr 26, 2013

Most of us at one time or another have received an “e-card” from a friend or relative, perhaps for a birthday or as an invitation to a party or event. Electronic cards have some key advantages over printed cards. For example, e-cards cost less, as many are available at no charge and there’s no postage cost for sending them. Many of us spend a lot of time sitting in front of our computers, so it’s often easier to just pick an e-card and send it off instead of taking the time to go to a store and search for the right card, or order a card online and wait for it to come in the mail before sending it back out in the mail to its recipient. E-cards also make a lot of sense as announcements and invitations, as you know the person will get it as soon as they check their e-mail and some vendors allow the sender to keep tabs on who has RSVP’d to the event.

InfoTrends 2012 Next Generation of Personalized Printed Products study posed a series of survey questions to respondents who had purchased various types of personalized printed products in the last year (such as greeting cards, invitations/announcements and thank you cards).  In that survey, we asked respondents about how they’re using e-cards and the impact they’re having on printed cards. Many respondents have sent e-cards in the last year, with 45% telling us they sent electronic greeting cards and 37% saying they sent invitations. Thank you cards were sent by 33% of respondents, and 26% sent electronic announcements (multiple responses were allowed).

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Give a Brit a Greeting Card

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 Mar 1, 2013

Giving greeting cards is very much part of the British culture. A recent study by Ofcom found that UK consumers send more greeting cards than any other surveyed country;  France, Germany, Italy, USA, Japan, Australia, Spain, and China.

Greeting cards remain an important part of the UK social culture, and UK consumers are sending more than ever before. One of the key factors driving this growth is the increased demand seen in online print and the growing popularity for personalised photo cards.

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Changes in the imaging landscape means changes to InfoTrends’ consumer services in Europe

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 Dec 6, 2012

InfoTrends is pleased to announce some exciting changes to our European Consumer Information Services. As of Monday, 3rd December, InfoTrends’ introduced two new services: Photo Capture Trends Europe and Photo Output Trends Europe. Read more »

liveBooks expands into output with acquisition of Pinhole Pro & Pinhole Press

David Haueter
 Oct 23, 2012

liveBooks, a leader in providing web services (websites, blog solutions, mobile sites, etc.) to professional photographers for years, has made a major change in their product portfolio by acquiring Pinhole Pro and Pinhole Press from Mohawk. The acquisition will give liveBooks pro photographer clients the option of offering high-quality output to their customers and will allow liveBooks to compete more directly with companies like Mpix and SmugMug (among others) that offer both portfolio and output services.

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Nikon and Canon Offer Exciting New Camera Options for Enthusiast Photographers

David Haueter
 Sep 25, 2012

During the third week of September, many of the press and analysts that cover the photography market were in Cologne, Germany at the bi-annual Photokina trade show, Europe’s largest photography show. InfoTrends was there covering the show and even hosted an InfoBriefing about the trends that will shape the market over the next few years. For those of us that were not in Germany, the Pepcom Holiday Spectacular event in New York City gave us a chance to see some of the new cameras that were creating a buzz at the Photokina show and have not hit the shelves here in the U.S. yet.

Nikon's new D600 SLR

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“Canvassing” the Photo Merchandise Opportunity for Revenue Growth

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 Jul 16, 2012

The Western European market is seeing extremely good sales in wall art products, in particular posters and canvas prints. The main factors driving the growth in the wall art sector is a rise in consumer awareness and, believe it or not, a down economy. Even though personalised canvases and other large format prints have been around for several years, more consumers are now aware of them. Home décor stores are making the effort to market wall art as new and exciting. This is driving sales of personalized large format photo merchandise items. Personalisation of products is very popular now; not just in the photo industry. The recession has made consumers careful with their spending. People are spending less money on socialising than they used to, and instead are investing more in decorating their homes. Read more »

Digital Photography and Photo Printing: Moms Rock!

Eve Padula
 May 9, 2012

Just in time for Mother’s Day on May 13th, InfoTrends has released two reports exploring how motherhood affects digital photography and photo printing habits. InfoTrends’ research has long confirmed that mothers are generally more photo-active than other demographic groups. They typically capture, print, and share more of their photos, likely because so many of these photos feature their children.

InfoTrends’ report entitled Motherhood’s Striking Impact on Digital Photography and Photo Printing Habits provides a direct comparison between moms aged 18 to 29 and non-moms within the same age range. In comparing moms and non-moms, we were able to garner additional insight about how non-mothers’ photography behaviors might change as more of them become parents in the future.

In relation to non-moms under the age of 30, moms within the same age range:

  • Use their cameras more frequently: Nearly 68% of moms use their digital cameras multiple times each week, compared to 37% of non-moms.
  • Capture over 50% more photos: Moms report capturing over 198 digital camera photos in a typical three-month period. The average among non-moms was 125.5.
  • Print about twice as many photos: Moms print nearly 54 digital camera photos during a typical 3-month period, compared to about 24 photos for non-moms.

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