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Is Content Aggregation the Next Step for Consumers and the Cloud?

Alan Bullock
 Mar 29, 2013

Consumers are increasingly turning to online cloud services to protect important files and to access them from the always-connected devices that they carry with them. Last October, InfoTrends conducted its inaugural U.S. Cloud Services End-user Survey Read more »

As Google pitches for users to put entire business online, Google Blogger service fails.

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 May 16, 2011

Oh, the irony. The same week Google announces their web-based Chromebooks, the Google laptop that runs Chrome OS, their blog service goes down. Ouch. The Google Blogger outage, which lasted for almost 24 hours, gave the Google Chromebook pitch a black eye.

Can businesses run their entire infrastructure online through Google with continuous access from any computer, like Google promises? Rather than revisit the same cloud computing woes as before, the Google Blogger failure is simply a great reminder why organizations need a hybrid plan. Because what if Google Docs failed instead of Blogger and you needed to deliver a client presentation? Could that wait 24 hours?

Recalling Amazon’s recent hiccup in their EC2 cloud services, reliability of the cloud will always come into question but it’s not a total elimination factor. The cloud still provides that fuss-free IT infrastructure that many organizations find appealing. And just like any online service provider, Google offers an attractive cloud computing package. But worrying about the cloud isn’t as important as worrying about your data. Backing up, as stressed before, is something organizations of all sizes need to keep in mind.

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