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High Retention Rate among Photo Merchandise Buyers

David Haueter
 Jul 25, 2013

InfoTrends recently published our 2013 U.S. Photo Merchandise End-User Survey , which we conduct every year to get a pulse on what’s happening in the consumer market. We ask specifically about photo books, cards, calendars and specialty photo prints, which includes poster and collage prints as well as canvas and photo panels. In the survey, we found that photo merchandise is continuing to penetrate more of the mass market. When all survey respondents were asked if they had bought any of these items in the last year, 40% answered “yes,” which was up from 37% in 2012 and 25% in 2009.

We also asked the entire survey population (including buyers and non-buyers) if they plan to buy any of these photo merchandise items in the next year. As shown in the chart below, photo cards have the highest percentage of people most likely to buy, with almost 40% saying they’ll either “definitely” or “probably” buy. This is no surprise given the continuing popularity of sending out photo cards for the Holidays.

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Give a Brit a Greeting Card

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 Mar 1, 2013

Giving greeting cards is very much part of the British culture. A recent study by Ofcom found that UK consumers send more greeting cards than any other surveyed country;  France, Germany, Italy, USA, Japan, Australia, Spain, and China.

Greeting cards remain an important part of the UK social culture, and UK consumers are sending more than ever before. One of the key factors driving this growth is the increased demand seen in online print and the growing popularity for personalised photo cards.

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“Canvassing” the Photo Merchandise Opportunity for Revenue Growth

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 Jul 16, 2012

The Western European market is seeing extremely good sales in wall art products, in particular posters and canvas prints. The main factors driving the growth in the wall art sector is a rise in consumer awareness and, believe it or not, a down economy. Even though personalised canvases and other large format prints have been around for several years, more consumers are now aware of them. Home décor stores are making the effort to market wall art as new and exciting. This is driving sales of personalized large format photo merchandise items. Personalisation of products is very popular now; not just in the photo industry. The recession has made consumers careful with their spending. People are spending less money on socialising than they used to, and instead are investing more in decorating their homes. Read more »

Print Samples from ON DEMAND 2011

Jim Hamilton
 Mar 29, 2011

In this video I discuss a range of print samples that I picked up at ON DEMAND 2011.

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