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What’s Happening with Kodak?

Jim Hamilton
 Oct 7, 2011

Three recent developments have raised questions about Kodak’s financial status. These are the announcement that Kodak plans on selling some intellectual property, the news of the hiring of the Jones Day law firm, and Kodak’s move to take advantage of its revolving loan. I spoke this week with Kodak President and Chief Operating Officer Phil Faraci to get some clarification. What I learned should help ease concerns about Kodak’s status. Read more »

Information or Memories? Curating and Creating in a Sea of Images

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 Jun 30, 2011

InfoTrends forecasts that 80 billion images will be captured in the U.S. alone, in 2011. That number is expected to grow to 105 billion images by 2015. As camera phones proliferate and advance in capture technology, at the same time as digital cameras continue to populate the consumer market, the role of the photography in our everyday life is going to change.

With the rise in images being captured and shared, the questions I have are centered on understanding if images are shifting away from being lasting pieces of memorabilia to vehicles in which a thousand words can be shared in a matter of seconds. Is the image information or a keepsake?  We’ve seen tremendous changes in society take place through the sharing of images that are captured for the primary purpose of being used as information. We can look to the revolutions in the Middle East as current examples. We’ve also seen a decline in the number of traditional prints consumers make and an increase in the numbers of images residing in a digital only format. Read more »

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