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Moving HP’s Print 2.0 Vision Forward

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 Oct 26, 2009

We’ve discussed HP’s Print 2.0 vision on the InfoBlog in the past, and two recent announcements signify that the company continues to forge new partnerships that enable print in interesting ways. These announcements include a partnership between HP’s MagCloud service and online wiki community site Wikia, as well as HP’s partnership with University of Michigan on BookPrep, a platform for printing rare, out-of-print books.

MagCloud/Wikia Partnership

MagCloud is one of HP’s services we’ve talked about in the past that continues to evolve and gain wider exposure. The service provides a platform for virtually anyone to publish their own magazines to the Web, and gives users the option to have one or many copies printed and shipped to them. These magazines are printed on HP Indigo devices, although it’s not quite clear (at least to me) if HP is printing items in-house or funneling them to print service provider partners.

In any case, HP recently announced a partnership between MagCloud and Wikia, an online service available for people to create wikis on any topic, similar to how Ning can be used to create social networks on any topic. Wikia was founded by Jimmy Wales, creator of online encyclopedia Wikipedia, and currently has wiki databases on a wide variety of topics. Some of the largest Wikia communities include a wiki on music lyrics, a recipe wiki with over 40,000 entries, and a genealogy wiki called Familypedia. The MagCloud/Wikia partnership is largely in the form of technology, with the two groups collaborating on building a Magazine Creator tool within Wikia. The Magazine Creator allows users to collect articles within a Wikia community that they want to publish, design a cover based on templates or with uploaded images, and publish the magazine through MagCloud. MagCloud handles the formatting of wiki pages into print-appropriate layouts, and published works can be ordered through the MagCloud site. An appropriate and funny example used to demonstrate this technology comes from MuppetWiki, which created a 32-page magazine filled about Muppets character Grover and the different types of jobs he’s had. Read more »

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