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September News Heats Up Mobile Market

Carrie Sylvester
 Sep 20, 2013

Image credit: ZDNet

iOS (iPhone) in the News

Apple once again held true to its history of a September iPhone introduction. There was much speculation around the impending announcement and Apple delivered by introducing two models on September 11th — the iPhone 5c and the 5s. Although the overall excitement for some seems to be waning that never stops the true Fan Boys; the very day the phones were announced, there was a guy in Tokyo that lined up in front of his local Apple Store and lines continue to form wherever the phones will be available even though they will be available  on September 20th.

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Is that a smartphone in your pocket?…

Carrie Sylvester
 Jun 12, 2013

There is no doubt that American’s love their mobile phones — and our latest love affair is with the smartphone. According to the 2013 InfoTrends U.S. Mobile Imaging Study, 94% of consumers report using a mobile phone of some kind, and nearly 59% are using a smartphone. It’s hard to miss the slew of TV commercials that promote the latest and greatest smartphones. Some commercials, like the recent iPhone campaign say that more photos are taken and more music is listened to on an iPhone than any other device. Windows Phone has a funny commercial that makes fun of Android & iPhone users as they brawl with each other about which is better while the Windows users calmly stand by and shoot photos/video of the brawling group. All joking aside, which operating system is really winning over the hearts of U.S. consumers?

The Survey Says….

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Modularity Lessons from BlackBerry-land

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 Apr 13, 2009

In my younger days — when programming Assembly to the 80286 was “wow” — I would optimize and debug code written by my Basic/C colleagues. Nothing was too low on the stack. Even i/o interrupts for your peripherals (at the time, just your keyboard) could be changed. Of course, anyone that’s had Assembly coding experience knows how dangerous messing around at the OS-level can be. And that’s what made real computer viruses, like Michelangelo and Jerusalem, so much more dangerous than the “I love you” e-mail variety seen today (IMO).

I’ve been lurking on a few BlackBerry forums recently, including and Specifically, I’ve been following the Beta OS message board for Research in Motion’s Blackberry Storm, where some very astute participants are creating and testing the latest and greatest. In fact, in the past 2 weeks I have updated FOUR times and am currently running v.114 Hybrid V3. I was shocked at how fast new versions were appearing on the site and at how quickly new “Hybrids” based on the v.114 beta were appearing. Read more »

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