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The Reality of 4K

Ed Lee
 Apr 22, 2014

Once again, the major theme of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show was 4K — from capture to workflow to transmit and display. With each passing year, 4K gets a little closer to becoming reality.

I was asked many times at the show “Is 4K for real?” and “Will it become mainstream?”

Goodbye APS film. We hardly got to know you.

Ed Lee
 Jul 8, 2011

When it was introduced in 1996, APS (Advanced Photo System) film was supposed to herald the future of film photography. Just a short 15 years later, its epitaph is being written. Smaller and lighter 35mm point and shoot film cameras dampened APS film’s early days, and now affordable, high-quality compact digital cameras have taken the steam completely out of this market.

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