Symposium and Planning Meeting at RIT

Matt Swain
Nov 21, 2008

The Printing Industry Center hosted its seventh annual Symposium and Planning Meeting this week at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The Symposium offers the opportunity for industry partners, RIT faculty and staff, and other interested parties to review and discuss research conducted at the Center over the previous year. This year’s research included:

  • self-publishing
  • examinations of newspaper workflows
  • analyzing the image quality gap between digital and offset
  • digital asset management and variable data printing
  • Test Targets 8.0
  • font evaluation for print and online news publishing
  • personalization
  • job satisfaction in printing and publishing

Event turnout appeared to be down from last year, with several industry partners noticeably absent. Symposium organizers attributed the reduced attendance to tightened travel budgets in difficult economic times.

Three takeaways from the day:

  1. Professor Bob Chung, and the entire Test Targets 8.0 team, did a superb job laying out this year’s edition. This was the first year they had all content run through double-blind review.
  2. The job satisfaction study revealed that one of the key reasons why respondents left their jobs (and the industry in some cases) was due to employers not fulfilling the promises they made during the hiring process.
  3. Professor Chuck Bigelow, in quoting someone from the newspaper industry on industry growth, proclaimed, “for us, flat is the new up!”

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