Smart Package Manufacturing: HP One Package Workflow Suite Brings New Levels of Optimization

Pat McGrew
Jun 25, 2018

Corrugated product producers have traditionally thought in terms of square meters and board feet. The goal: keep corrugated products heading out the door. For corrugators that meant keeping the corrugator online and in production which was managed with a Manufacturing Execution System tied to standard business management software suites. Corrugated board manufacturers often use their business systems to manage their manufacturing requirements, augmented with process-specific tools. The advent of digital corrugated production options adds many more requirements to the production workflow, most of which are closer to traditional commercial printing than traditional converting. With experience born from implementations of both digital liner preprinting ahead of corrugation and digital corrugated board printing (“post printing”) comes the HP One Package workflow suite targeted toward users of all HP PageWide Industrial corrugated presses.

HP PrintOS Site Flow Drives End-to-End Print Production for HP Corrugated

Source: HP

HP One Package Workflow suite supports to the evolving needs of corrugators and sheet plants that want to offer more than serialization or adding logos to corrugated products. It provides the expected supply chain optimization and operational excellence features, whether for printing liner media or board stock, but also the functions needed to add rich graphics, customization, serialization, anti-counterfeiting, and even variable data to add personalization and localization. For brand owners concerned about managing the brand experience across an array of assets, from point of sale displays and primary product packaging to delivery cartons and palette wraps, One Package opens the door to keeping track of each touch point.

One Package Worfklow Suite for HP PageWide C500 Press

HP PageWide Industrial C500
Source: HP

Implementers of HP One Package Workflow are leveraging an existing set of products and partnerships that are the hallmark of HP’s workflow philosophy. The new workflow suite from HP integrates the ColorGATE, Erhardt+Leimer, Esko, Kiwiplan, Pxi Digital, and WITRON solutions that are already part of the HP SmartStream ecosystem to provide a compelling range of tools. Packaging design workflow management, file creation, and prepress automation tools come from the Esko tool set, while automation file submission and control can be integrated with Kiwiplan or WITRON. For corrugators who want to move into an online presence, either Business to Business or Consumer to Business, the PXI Digital Solution Box It Now® provides a PrintOS-integrated web-to-package portal that can accelerate both design and ordering.

One Package Worfklow Suite for HP PageWide T100 Series Presses

HP PageWide Industrial T1190
Source: HP

For owners and future buyers of the HP PageWide C500 press  for corrugated board printing or the HP PageWide T1190 for preprinting liners, this suite offers a set of tools to fast path their implementations and establish best practices for workflow from the start of their digital print experience. In addition, implementers can take advantage of HP Digital Front Ends that feature powerful RIPs that can keep up with demanding post-print and pre-print production. HP Production Prime Print Server is provided on the HP PageWide C500 Press and the HP Production Elite Print Server is provided for the HP PageWide T400S and T1100 series presses. The HP Production Elite Server supports high-volume, short-run batch processing of multi-lane jobs. Other HP workflow solutions include:

  • HP PrintOS – HP’s open, cloud-based print software platform created for converters to transform the management of IT, production and business, including interaction with brands. HP PrintOS Box simplifies print file receipt, content validation and routing to production. PrintOS Site Flow efficiently manages hundreds of thousands of jobs per day, from web order submission to shipment.
  • HP One Package Elite – Automation software for high-volume digital pre-print, providing advanced, on-the-fly layout and corrugator preparation. This software is built upon HP PrintOS Site Flow, HP’s leading cloud-based production management solution.
  • HP Packaging Color Studio – Color management tools and services to meet brand color standards and optimize color results in multiple color modes. HP customers may receive training and color management consulting from HP’s workflow partner ColorGATE.
  • HP SmartStream Designer, HP Mosaic, and HP SmartStream Composer – Variable data printing (VDP) tools to enable sophisticated, high-value jobs for brands. HP SmartStream Designer and HP Mosaic offer unlimited variable data, imagery, and color for high-value brand campaigns. HP SmartStream Composer provides accelerated composition for high volume applications.
  • HP Link Technology – Embedded marks and codes enable tracking and tracing for brand protection, supply chain efficiency and customer engagement. With unique serialized marks, every package or display can have a unique digital identity.

Why is this important in corrugated packaging?

Packaging is an old school business with a set of new frontiers. Corrugators and sheet plants come to digital printing with a different set of skills that focus on speed of production. Tools like the HP One Package Workflow Suite can provide a faster on ramp to taking advantage of the things that digital presses can do that conventional presses cannot do (or do easily). Especially for corrugators with no previous commercial print experience – asset management, file management, color management, approval processes – the HP tool set augmented by the HP Professional Services teams enables a new set of products that can change the trajectory of a corrugating business. To fully realize what the digital press and the HP One Package suite provides will also take attention to the sales and marketing sides of the business. Sales team members who have been order takers and relationship builders based on corrugated production volume pricing may need training or augmentation with additional team members to sell the capabilities of digital corrugated liner and board production. Estimators will need to understand the value proposition of digitally printed corrugated solutions. Marketing, which may not exist in some corrugator environments, is required to educate and engage current customers and to bring new customers.

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