Print and Zombies

Jim Hamilton
Nov 5, 2012

Somehow, zombies have crept into the debate about the value of print. Below are three recent examples of how print and zombies have been connected in some fashion on the Internet.

  1. Why Print Books Are Like Zombies — This blog is actually about digital rights management, but the point is that printed books live on and on (in your bookshelves, your attic, your basement, etc.). They never die. Nor can they be taken away from you by the publisher after you’ve bought them.
  2. Print Zombie — Is Print Dead? — This blog examines the future of print. It’s called Print Zombie because “Everyone knows if something dies, it just comes back stronger as a Zombie!”
  3. And my favorite: Print versus Digital — Who Survives the Zombies? — This imaginative and hilarious infographic provides compelling facts to support the theory that print is much better suited to survive a zombie attack.

While it is clear that some people would love to think that print is dead, the good news for us print lovers is that it’s not. The bad news is that it may make its comeback as a zombie.

Speaking of the undead, there are still a few copies of “The Print on Demand Opportunity” lingering around the InfoTrends offices (and selling used for nine bucks on Amazon). The product compendium in this book, which I edited in 1996, was basically a database in print. It didn’t take long before I realized that it was out of date as soon as it hit paper. I knew that there needed to be an Internet-based version of it, and so the seed was planted for InfoTrends’ Ultimate Guides, which now cover seven different product areas including digital printing hardware and a range of workflow software tools.

I’ll close with a musical blast from the past that will be familiar to those of us old enough to remember when music came on big vinyl disks protected by a cardboard envelope often decorated with fantastic artwork. Listen to the Zombies sing, Time of the Season.’

P.S. If you know of other print-related other zombie stories please send me a note.

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