Pre-drupa: Israel’s Scodix Rolls Out Speedy, B1-Sized Digital Enhancement System

Bob Leahey
Apr 12, 2016

Scodix, the Israeli provider of digital enhancement systems for the graphic arts industry, announced on April 7 its introduction of Scodix E106, a B1-sized version of inkjet-based embellishment systems for which the company is now famous. Scodix will target the folding carton market with Scodix E106, where it says the new press will enhance up to 4,000 sheets per hour, speed that will allow it to finish short and medium print runs for both digital and analog presses. Scodix says it has already taken eight orders for E106, which will be the centerpiece in its booth at drupa; InfoTrends will report on that show (May 31 to June 10 in Düsseldorf ) for its package related consulting service.

The new press is the biggest, fastest version of the technology that Scodix first unveiled at IPEX in 2010, namely a sheet fed finishing system based mainly on UV curing inkjet. Instead of ink, though, the fixed piezo print arrays jet Scodix’s proprietary polymers for embossing, spot varnishes, Braille, and other effects; Scodix systems also use thermal transfer  to achieve digital foiling on selected image areas, adding gold silver, and other foil highlights variably and in-line. Digital enhancement with Scodix is thus a timely, economic alternative to analog processes, cutting out

Scodix Gold Sample

Scodix Gold Sample

plates and platemaking, allowing immediate embossing and other embellishment for short production runs or prototypes. Most importantly, the effects are highly customizable, thanks to “variable data finishing”: spot and metallic colors can be chosen; thickness of the polymers is adjustable up to a height of 150 microns (50X the thickness of conventional varnishes); density can be varied from 1% to 100% to achieve textures from matte to high gloss. Effects can be directed precisely to selected parts of the printed image, thanks to a software algorithm (“Rotate, Scale, Position”) and four CCD cameras that together ensure registration of embellishments with the printed image to within 120 microns.

Scodix E106 advances that model considerably in terms of productivity. Existing Scodix systems (Scodix S Series, Ultra Series) are used in about half of the cases to embellish the output of digital presses, where their frames sizes (up to 21.5” x 31”) and speed (up to 1,250 sheets per hour), make them a match for short and medium runs from digital or analog presses up to B2 size. With the E106, though, Scodix is offering a much higher end

Scodix E106

Scodix E106

system, one that can embellish short and medium runs from the offset presses that are the main technology of folding carton converters. While system speed will vary with polymer thickness, even at its thickest, E106 will embellish 2,500 sheets per hour, double the rate of existing Scodix systems and using bigger B1 size media, thus practically 4X as productive earlier Scodix systems. Almost all the possible Scodix embellishments are available as standard on E106; the most notable is the E106’s Scodix foil system, which has a ribbon-saving technology and transfers gold, silver and colored  foils with minimal thermal energy, thus not affecting printed images.

Where It Fits

In the years since Scodix first made its presses available, the company’s technology has bloomed in a range of applications, from packaging to book covers to business cards and over 200 Scodix systems are now in operation, placed in all regions. E106 will target folding carton embellishment, and will likely succeed there, given brand owners’ constant need for new and engaging packaging design. That said, the new press handles multiple substrates (paper, PVC, metalized, paperboard) up to 2 mm in thickness (75 points) and it could thus be used with media different from

Scodix Silver Sample

Scodix Silver Sample

folding carton board; microflute corrugated (F, N, E flutes), which is increasingly used for primary packaging, is a good candidate. As with the existing Scodix presses, E106 could thus be tapped for other uses besides its main target in packaging. All things considered, Scodix E106 is in synch with the times: drupa 2016 is shaping up to be the “B1 drupa”, and Scodix is offering a product to enhance that view.

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