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David Stabel
Apr 11, 2019

Pitney Bowes continues to evolve its EngageOne portfolio for customer communications and experience. This week, the company released a new SaaS-based solution called EngageOne Communicate, which is positioned to enable small and medium sized businesses to create scalable and responsive digital communications quickly and easy.

Pitney Bowes EngageOne Communicate

EngageOne Communicate

With the availability of data sky rocketing, while at the same time advanced analytical tools becoming readily available, businesses today are enabled to extract very targeted data at a low cost. Marketers are recognizing this and see how this allows them to create highly targeted messaging down to individual customer experiences. Key to this is access to technology that enables an easy way to create these experiences.

EngageOne Communicate helps address this increasing market need. As a cloud-native solution, marketers can easily subscribe to EngageOne Communicate and start creating engaging personalized digital communications (e-mail and SMS only in the first release). Acknowledging the importance of data, the solution is equipped with a rich set of data integration capabilities based on data connectors available through the Pitney Bowes Spectrum Technology Platform.

As with most customer communications tools, EngageOne Communicate is template-based allowing a more efficient management of customer communications. It comes with a predefined set of templates that marketers can choose from, but own templates can be created too. It even supports templates of one of its sister-products, EngageOne Compose, which is an on-premise tool used more for transactional customer communications, such as bills and statements. A tighter integration is planned for EngageOne Compose 4.4, which will become available soon, according to Pitney Bowes.

Integration with the Adobe Eco-system

EngageOne Communicate also comes with Adobe Creative Cloud Integration out of the box. Plugging into the Adobe eco-system is critical when addressing marketers. As InfoTrends‘ State of Marketing Communications – Business Survey 2018 shows, more than two-thirds of businesses are connected to it. Being a part of this eco-system allows Pitney Bowes to also bring its new offering to more IT-savvy marketers and creative specialists.

InfoTrends Opinion

We are observing how direct marketing communications are starting to play a bigger role in customer communications, resulting in the need by marketers for technology to create and manage those communications. While the marketing technology is booming, capabilities for creating and managing scalable and data-driven customer communications in high volumes are mostly limited and certainly do not match up to the capabilities offered by technology for transactional customer communications.

From this perspective, EngageOne Communicate’s integration with the Adobe eco-system makes a lot of sense. First it allows Pitney Bowes to reach marketing users and second, it adds capabilities to this eco-system for creating and managing high volume data-driven customer communications.

Another interesting proposition of EngageOne Communicate is that it not only leverages Pitney Bowes‘ unique data capabilities but that customers also benefit from having access to more than 400 unique Pitney Bowes data sets, offered through its recently formed data business.



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