Online photo sharing breaks into everyday LIFE

Carrie Sylvester
Nov 21, 2008

Reading a Photo District News (PDN) news feed yesterday morning, I saw that LIFE Magazine images will be available for public search and viewing on Google Images. Back in September, LIFE partnered with Getty Images to breathe (forgive the term) new life into the brand.


LIFE Images Google Landing Page

LIFE Images Google Landing Page

The new service went public this week with an estimated 2 million images. LIFE’s full historic archive of nearly 10 million images, many previously unpublished, is expected to be online by February 2009. The ability to search is being brought about through a revenue share agreement between the companies. Not to worry, Getty won’t lose money; the free sharing is for personal use rather than commercial use.

In the PDN interview, LIFE president Andrew Blau says that the company is providing the images free of charge for viewing and “personal use,” such as term papers. “Bloggers pasting photos into blogs are our lowest priority,” he added, and LIFE’s first priority will be to pursue “blatant misuse,” such as unauthorized use of images on commercial products.


Printing of the images is made possible through The images get displayed with a link beside them that when clicked takes the customer to the site where they fulfill their print order.

This move toward looser photo sharing standards may not be earth-shattering to consumers who have access to countless images on the Web, but it certainly must be sending tremors through the stock photography industry who will see a revenue share model as cutting into their higher priced stock purchases.

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