Online Chat: A Popular Feature on Chinese Printing Web Sites

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Apr 23, 2012

Web sites have become an important marketing tool for the Chinese printing market. To show you exactly how commercial printers are using, I researched web sites of some printing companies in Shenyang (my hometown):

Here is Jiaqiao Printing’s Web site. Note: the transparent blue box with a woman is chat message box


Here is Liangyi’s web site. Note: the dark blue box with two blank lines at the upper right corner represents the chat tool.

      These screenshots came from each company’s official web sites. We can see something very interesting in most of these sites—: an online chat feature. People who click on these web sites can immediately talk with a company representative regarding any question or need they may have. This is in contrast to web sites of typical U.S. commercial printers, which usually to have potential customers send an email or leave a message through a web form. Then someone will reply to them later on. Online chat is an efficient method for companies that want interact directly with potential customers. These conversations will benefit both end users as well as print service providers because they may be able to learn new things about their customers’ needs while simultaneously creating a positive connection between companies and customers. It is a good way to promote a business by directly interacting with a customer on an individual basis.

       All five of the companies whose web sites I visited offered off-set printing, but not wide format or other digital printing. On their web sites, they show a lot of company information that is similar to web sites around the world. Typical categories include: Home, About Us, Print Design, Print Equipment, News, Products, Services, Employment Opportunities and Contact Us. From what I have seen they have built clear and beautiful web sites, -that also give very professional introductions about each aspect of their business. Customers should be able to easily find what they need from the web site, or if not, they can contact the company by online chat whenever questions come up during searching. These print service providers all do professional jobs using off-set printing, provide high quality services, and promise fast delivery.

The only problem I see is that they don’t provide English translations on their web sites: – it is Chinese only. That doesn’t make it very convenient for foreign customers to look at their web sites. It’s likely that these companies place a greater focus on local business in Shenyang, so perhaps -they don’t consider this to be a major problem. In the future, they may have a greater interest in foreign business.

Shenyang, -a city located in the northeastern part of China, has a population of 8.1 million. Shenyang is the economic center in the north; it focuses on heavy manufacturing such as the iron and steel industries, tire industries, etc. Printing is not the primary industry  focus in Shenyang. See my previous blog for more information on the print geography of China (

Source: Shenyang  Bureau of Statistics

Ao Li is a student at Northeastern University and an intern at InfoTrends.

She is a native Chinese speaker and comes from the city of Shenyang in northeastern China.

For information on InfoTrends’ activities in Asia Pacific, please contact Lior Meron.

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