OKI and DocuWare Collaborate to Improve Document Processing and Workflow

Allison Correia
Jun 11, 2014

On June 5th, OKI Data Americas announced the development of DocuWare Module Connect to OKI, which serves as a connector between DocuWare content management solutions and OKI MFPs featuring the smart Extendable Platform. This seamless integration of DocuWare’s solutions and OKI’s smart MFPs enables the digitization of paper documents, optimizing and simplifying document processing and workflow.

With DocuWare Module Connect to OKI, scan and capture tasks are one-touch automated ensuring accuracy and consistency, and documents are stored in a centralized location. Personal scanning destinations are provided as well as indexing options for filing and retrieval. DocuWare Module Connect to OKI improves business processes enabling companies to organize and manage the flow of information within their organization as well as externally. Other key benefits include the ability to easily create and assemble PDF documents, and send files directly to a computer with the fewest possible steps.

DocuWare offers a number of add-on modules that provide scalability and the flexibility to customize document management to respond to organizations’ preferences, priorities, and information needs. With DocuWare’s software companies are able to achieve greater information processing by facilitating document distribution and storage in a simple and easy way. Documents in any form (paper or digital) arrive in electronic baskets and can be worked on as you normally would (stapled, written on, etc.), and then are stored into digital file cabinets. DocuWare’s intuitive and powerful indexing capabilities automatically ensure that all documents types are filed away in the right place, the way you want them.

InfoTrends’ Opinion

InfoTrends believes this integration helps organizations not only save time and money, but overall drive business process automation (BPA) by supporting a truly digital workflow. Businesses are always looking to operate more efficiently and more cost effectively, which comes down to automating processes. The workforce is evolving, and employees as well as customers are demanding more convenience and better service. This feeds BPA with the aim to digitize paper documents and make them available in ECM systems, resulting in an elimination of pages and increased achievement of cost efficiencies. By automating processes and eliminating labor-intensive document handling, employees are given more time to focus on more important activities that drive revenue. With this connection to DocuWare’s document management solutions, organizations will be able to track documents and data all the way through the cycle of when they enter the system until final archive. BPA increases overall productivity allowing employees to do their job easier, and provide higher quality of service to their customers.

There is also a growing demand for solutions tailored directly to the vertical. The flexible nature of the smart Extendable Platform from OKI allows for the integration of additional customized solutions to meet specific business and document management needs. Carl Taylor, Vice President of Marketing for North America at OKI Data Americas added, “With the addition of DocuWare, OKI Data continues to expand the suite of solutions which are compatible with our smart MFPs to offer a complete range of options to meet our customers’ current and emerging needs.” If this means that solutions targeted to specific verticals can be incorporated, this would add even greater value to the connector.

About OKI and DocuWare

OKI Data Americas (founded in 1972) is a subsidiary of OKI Data Corporation of Japan, and markets PC peripheral equipment and customized solutions under the OKI brand, including digital color and monochrome printers and MFPs, serial impact dot matrix printers, thermal label and POS printers. They also market a full line of options, accessories and consumables. OKI Data Americas is recognized as one of the top ten color printer manufacturers in the United States.

DocuWare was founded in 1988 and is a leading document management company that automates business processes and workflows by electronically managing and sharing documents. DocuWare provides all the components needed for Enterprise Content Management, whether as an on premise or as a cloud solution. They strive to leverage the potential in managing documents as much more than paper, in an intelligent way, to help their customers build sustainability by strengthening productivity.


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