Objectif Lune Extends Product Line with PlanetPress Connect

David Stabel
Feb 10, 2015

On January 20, 2015, Objectif Lune, a provider of Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions headquartered in Montréal, Canada, announced the worldwide introduction of its new flagship product: PlanetPress Connect. PlanetPress Connect is based on a newly developed technology platform within Objectif Lune’s product line up. With this new platform, Objectif Lune broadens its market focus with data-driven interactive business communication automation and optimization. It also will focus on the Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) space, a new market for Objectif Lune. Within this new market Objectif Lune wants to position PlanetPress Connect as a bi-directional data exchange tool for integration services.

PlanetPress Connect has been developed completely from the ground up over the last three years and marks a new milestone in Objectif Lune’s product portfolio. It’s a modern composition solution that has strong data normalizing and automation capabilities, as well as native HTML support for true multi-channel output.

The most distinguishing feature of the new Connect platform however is the new Designer tool. Whereas most modern template design tools have a dual mode to toggle between print and web/mobile designs, the Connect Designer only uses HTML/CSS/JavaScript for both print and electronic designs. The Designer ships with a modified Gecko web browser rendering engine in order to fully control the rendering process required for graphical and transactional print.

The benefits of this approach are threefold:

  1. Truly seamless multi-channel output with great control over the intended output channel through standard technology: HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  2. High amount of flexibility, especially for developers. They can develop custom Javascript code that can be embedded in the document template, including print. Those custom code snippets can be used for content logic and can include a wide variety of use cases, including number generators, advanced barcodes, dynamics charts, or more.
  3. Separation of design and composition; the composition engine can ingest any (existing) XML/HTML format that conforms to its specification. This opens up IT integration opportunities where PlanetPress Connect can be embedded in web or mobile applications to drive multi-channel output, including print.

InfoTrends Opinion

Objectif Lune’s portfolio has grown throughout the last decade by its own development as well as through acquisitions. It acquired PrintShop Mail from Atlas Software in November, 2004. Its current PReS product comes from acquiring PrintSoft from the Australia Post in June, 2011. As a result, its product portfolio contains a mix of different technologies. Building a common technology platform is a wise step of Objectif Lune. It allows them to develop and maintain these products much more effectively and efficiently with a shorter time-to-market. In addition, by switching completely to HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Objectif Lune is becoming more attractive for IT integrators to use them as a document composition engine.

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