Nuance Acquires Notable Solutions (NSi)

Allison Correia
Jul 22, 2014

Just last month talk circled of the potential acquisition of Nuance Communications, the speech and dictation recognition software company, by Samsung Electronics. As of yet nothing has come to fruition with this rumor, and now we have received confirmation (albeit a quiet announcement) that Nuance has made an acquisition of their own, of Notable Solutions, Inc. (NSi), an established global leader in secure information collection and output management solutions.

Nuance Communications, most well-known for their speech recognition software Dragon NaturallySpeaking, has regional offices in 39 countries, approximately 12,000 full-time employees and sales representatives in more than 70 countries. Nuance speech solutions support up to 50 different languages, and they hold more than 4,000 patents and patent applications. Some of their partners include Amazon and Apple. They are responsible for the technology that powers Apple’s virtual assistant Siri, and nearly two-thirds of Fortune 100 companies use Nuance solutions.  In addition, Nuance is one of the leading providers of document imaging software, most notably, their eCopy and Equitrac solutions that provide paper input and output solutions for the office document technology space. The Document Imaging Division contributes approximately $250M in revenue to the overall organization.

Notable Solutions, Inc. (NSi) provides products that blend industry leading mobile and document capture with intelligent routing and secure delivery of information into virtually any business application or destination. Both NSi’s and Nuance’s portfolio offerings include scan, capture, and workflow solutions, with Nuance also providing conversion technology, with their newest solution being Power PDF (their PDF converter), and well-known eCopy solutions. Some of NSi’s data/document capture and workflow solutions include NSi AutoStore, Smarticket, QuickCapture Pro, WebCapture, Mobile, and OpenForms 360. Additionally, NSi acquired Barr Systems about two years ago, an output management solution that in some cases goes head-to-head with Nuance’s Equitrac software when it comes to tracking pages and output usage. Nuance and NSi were very strong in their position when they acquired these output management solutions, providing customers with this 360 degree view of pages from both an input and output perspective.

One would think that the Nuance acquisition of NSi is of a competitive nature and that there is a lot of overlap in the solutions that they provide, however at the same time there are a lot of synergies we see with the marriage of these two companies. From a capture perspective eCopy has been a strong provider of capture and connector solutions that can link into the major enterprise content and document repositories, as well as, specific vertical solutions. NSi on the capture side has focused more on the security and routing of information from a multi-channel input environment that includes paper, electronic, and the mobile channels of capture. On the output side, Equitrac (one of Nuance’s output management solutions) has been a leader in accounting, MPS, and “Follow You” printing, while NSi’s Output Manager (Barr Systems) has had a combination of office, and production output management solutions capabilities, such as automated rules based routing, to office and production environments. Lastly, from a vertical customer perspective, Nuance has had great success in the healthcare, legal, and education markets, while NSi has been very strong in the government space.

With similar solutions yet different focuses, NSi will be an interesting addition to Nuance, complimenting their portfolio, and opening doors for innovative collaboration. This could be an opportunity for Nuance to expand their capture and output solutions offerings, and even gain some “notable” clients. Nuance has made several acquisitions in the past to enhance their Document Imaging portfolio. They have always been strategic in their acquisitions, ensuring to align their business assets and needs, to warrant a collaboration that will expand and strengthen their brand and organization as a whole. It is unclear what impact the NSi acquisition by Nuance will have, and at this point it is business as usual for both companies until any further announcements.


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