Noosh Pivoting to Content Marketing

Will Morgan
Apr 25, 2016

noosh-logo-blueNoosh, a company whose print and marketing sourcing software is used by nearly 5,000 businesses and 20,000 users in 44 countries, is now transforming itself into a content marketing platform. By embracing this new approach while continuing to cultivate its roots in print sourcing, Noosh can offer licensees a head start on integrating multi-channel communications into their marketing strategies.

As consumers continue to grow more jaded toward traditional advertising techniques and more savvy in circumventing them, marketers are adjusting their approach to create and distribute relevant information that can reliably influence consumer behavior. Content marketing leverages a global view of the customer to foster a relationship with a brand through each stage of engagement. Marketers must analyze and make clever use of customer data to develop appropriate communications delivered through the most fitting print or digital channel.

Noosh’s new CEO, Tom Henn, will spearhead the transition. Henn has an extensive background building databases, digital marketplaces, and SaaS platforms for start-ups large and small. Since joining the company in February, Henn has augmented his leadership team by naming Glen Livingston CRO and appointing advisor A.J. Brown, a technology industry veteran with a background in both engineering and marketing. With the support of senior leadership and the company at large, they have decided to adapt to the evolution of communication and address client requests for services beyond print procurement by fundamentally changing Noosh’s identity. As an early adopter of the content marketing concept, Brown hopes this new direction will highlight the need for companies to engage their customers in ways that transcend banners, signs, and flyers. Traditionally, Noosh has found success selling its sourcing solution to procurement personnel, but now, by developing software that facilitates multi-channel delivery, its sales staff can talk to business executives about how the content marketing platform can help them build a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Henn explains that since Noosh’s software foundation is firmly in place, its developers can gradually add new functionality. In fact, there are already digital communications options available on the platform, but they can be difficult to find. Noosh anticipates it can move quickly to integrate dedicated digital “smart forms” into the existing framework. Other features like project management, graphic and collaborative interfaces, and cost tracking modules will work with digital just as they do with print. The bigger challenge will be finding and recruiting digital communications providers to expand the company’s vendor pool. Noosh plans to launch a marketplace later this year in order to attract new print and digital vendors and form the backbone of its supplier base. Ultimately, Henn and Brown hope their digital revenue will equal that generated through print, though Brown acknowledged this was a tall order since digital transactions are not as lucrative. The new platform will launch by the end of the summer and Brown predicts Noosh will record 30% of its revenue from digital communications within 12-18 months.

This shift in strategy has cast Noosh against a whole new class of competitors, but Brown believes that the company’s print heritage grants it a distinct advantage. “Print is not a tombstone,” he said. “It is the cornerstone of our foundation.” Though print’s share of the marketing mix may wax and wane, it will remain a crucial part of any comprehensive content marketing strategy. “Print is the original content,” Brown declared. “In a head-to-head battle with a digital-only content marketing platform, Noosh will win because it understands print.” Henn elaborated, explaining that print is much more complicated to master in terms of software implementation than digital. Nevertheless, Brown expects content marketers will not be able to ignore the power of print and that other companies currently working with only digital content will begin to add print communications capability.

This marriage of digital communication capabilities with print sourcing technology will allow Noosh’s enterprise customers to embrace multi-channel strategies. It will also give print management companies a boost in their efforts to provide their clients marketing communication value beyond procuring print at the lowest price. Noosh hopes it has found a new niche by combining these two distinct value propositions. Henn and Brown are making a big bet on the content marketing concept. The next 12-18 months will reveal whether or not the market agrees with their strategy.

Will Morgan
Research Analyst
Document Outsourcing

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