Mopria Technology Now Integrated with Samsung Galaxy Devices

Christine Dunne
Nov 7, 2016

Today, the Mopria Alliance announced that its mobile print technology is now integrated with Samsung Galaxy devices—either through pre-installation or automatic update.

The Mopria-powered “Samsung Print Service” will enable Galaxy users to “easily and intuitively” print content (e.g., photos, documents, web pages) from their mobile device to more than 88 million printers, regardless of printer brand.

Steps for Printing with the New Samsung Print Service (Android Nougat)

Steps for printing with the new Samsung Print Service (Android Nougat)

Source: Mopria Alliance

Automatic access to the new Samsung Print Service applies to Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, and S7 users. Users of other Samsung or Android devices with Android 4.4 or higher can download the Samsung Print Service or similar Mopria Print Service from Google Play.

Currently, 71 apps are compatible with the Samsung Print Service/Mopria technology. They include popular productivity apps like Microsoft Word and Google Drive, apps for specific industries and tasks, and entertainment-oriented apps. The Mopria Alliance is working to expand the number of supported apps through conversations with app developers as well as promotion of its mobile print technology.

With the latest development, the number of Mopria print installations has grown from 50,000 Android devices to hundreds of millions. The fact hundreds of millions more individuals have immediate access to simple mobile print technology has the potential to dramatically grow mobile print adoption. InfoTrends research shows that within U.S. and European SMBs, for example, no more than 1 in 5 workers print from their mobile device.

Despite the relatively low mobile print adoption rates, InfoTrends research shows that a higher percentage of individuals would like to print from a mobile device.

InfoTrends’ Opinion

With Android the most popular smartphone and tablet operating system worldwide, it’s crucial these devices make printing easy. The automatic integration of simple printing into Samsung Galaxy products is an important step in enabling many more users to take advantage of mobile printing.

That said, it’s important that leading print/mobile players promote this new capability. The extent to which the Mopria Alliance, Google, Samsung, and others work together to communicate easy mobile printing may largely impact the extent to which users try printing from their Android device.

A successful campaign can play a significant role in curbing the overall decline in printing that’s been occurring in many geographical markets.

This is an excerpt of a larger analysis piece published to InfoTrends’ office advisory service. InfoTrends has also published its annual update on mobile printing, which can be accessed via the InfoTrends report store.

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