MOO Bridges the Paper-to-Digital Gap with Paper+

David Haueter
Oct 16, 2015

InfoTrends has been promoting the idea of interconnectivity between the printed and digital worlds for years now, as a way to raise the value of printed products and make them more functional and integrated into our digital world. One very interesting new product that bridges the gap between print and digital is MOO’s Paper+ technology, which has the potential to add real value to business cards and eventually other products.

MOO’s Paper+ technology is available today in its Business Cards+ product, which uses an embedded NFC chip to perform various actions that are triggered by a tap of the MOO card to an NFC-enabled smartphone. MOO Business Card+ buyers, using the Manage Paper+ website, can program those actions with links to website links or app store downloads, social network connections, or digital connections for calling, messaging or saving contact details. The Manage Paper+ site can also give users statistics on how many times the digital actions on their cards have been tapped into by others. MOO currently has partnerships with Spotify, LinkedIn, and Citymapper for programmable actions, and users can also make their own actions outside the MOO platform by using IFTTT.

The Business Cards+ product requires NFC-enabled smartphones with the Android or Windows operating systems, so in that way the market for these cards is somewhat restricted. Apple’s iPhone 6, 6s and 6 Plus smartphones have NFC, but for now it is only set up to support Apple Pay. The cards are also expensive. A set of 20 cards costs $32.24 including shipping to the U.S., which comes out to $1.61 per card, so you’re not likely to be passing them out willy-nilly at a trade show or conference like you would with normal business cards. MOO says that in time, they’ll be offering more NFC-enabled products, which are likely to span the range of other products that they sell, such as greeting cards, post cards and note cards.

InfoTrends’ Opinion

InfoTrends believes that “rich media” products like the MOO Business Cards+ have the potential to add some new life not only to the print market in general, but also to the personal photo products market. The next evolution of the technology could potentially see MOO selling photo cards that link to an online video by tapping with a smartphone. That would be a very cool product to send out to family and friends for Holidays or other events (as long as you know they have an NFC-enabled smartphone, that is). In InfoTrends’ 2015 U.S. Photo Merchandise Survey, over 70% of respondents said that they were interested in a the ability to scan a photo with a mobile device and get access to digital functions on a mobile device, so there is definitely some market potential for this type of product.

To find out more about MOO Business Cards+, check out the video at


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