LeEco Introduces Le Pro3 & Le S3 Smartphones to America

Carrie Sylvester
Nov 30, 2016

LeEcoLeEco is already established in China, but is bringing its products to North America for the first time, with what it hopes to be market disruptive pricing. In November, a pair of new smartphones (Ecophones) were introduced by LeEco, the Le Pro3 and Le S3. 

pro3Le Pro3 is the company’s flagship smartphone, featuring a 16 MP rear-facing camera; an 8 MP front-facing camera, a 5.5-inch Gorilla Glass screen, and brushed metal backing. InfoTrends was sent an evaluation unit of the Le Pro3, and we have found the camera performance to be solid. There are photo scene modes available, as well as a pano (panoramic) mode. Users can choose to go a little deeper in another menu set to change shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and contrast. It also captures 4K video and has a slow-mo mode.

Specs at a glance:

  • 5.5-inch screen (Gorilla Glass)
  • 7.5 mm x 151.4 mm size
  • 16 MP rear-facing camera; 8 MP front-facing camera
  • 4K video capture
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor
  • 4070 mHa battery
  • Memory 4GB / 64 GB
  • USB-C connector
  • Finger-print scanner (for security and camera operation)
  • Audio: dual speakers, Dolby surround sound and Continual Digital Lossless Audio (CDLA) technology
  • Also included in-the-box are CDLA wired headphones, regular headphone jack adapter, clear gel protective case

Like the Le Pro3, the Le S3 also has a 16 MP front facing and 8 MP rear-facing cameras, a 5.5-inch screen, but uses the Snapdragon 652 processor.

Specs at a glance:

  • 5.5-inch screen (Gorilla Glass)
  • 16 MP rear-facing camera; 8 MP front-facing camera
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor
  • 3000 mHa battery
  • Memory 3 GB / 32 GB
  • USB-C connector
  • Finger-print scanner (for security and camera operation)
  • Also included in-the-box CDLA wired headphones and regular headphone jack adapter

Pricing and availability

The Le Pro3 comes in gold or gray, and will sell for $399. The Le S3 is available in gold, gray, and rose gold for $249. Both models are available as of the first week of November and available on AT&T and T-Mobile wireless carriers.

A little bit about LeEco

Although the company is unknown in the States, it has received some attention at the Mobile World Congress trade show. LeEco is a company with roots in China and a U.S. office in San Francisco. It plans to offer a wide range of products to the U.S. market, including smartphones, connected TVs, headphones, VR headsets, a bicycle and even a self-driving electric car. The end goal for LeEco products is to expand the subscriber base for the content that is enabled through their products, which is a primary revenue generator for the company. In the U.S., media/content partners include: Lionsgate, MGM, Showtime, Vice Media, Awesomeness TV, and A+E. The company continues to woo other U.S. content partners and plans to continually expand its offerings.

InfoTrends Opinion

With these smartphone introductions, LeEco enters the U.S. Android marketplace at a very competitive price point that is below the average smartphone cost. For example, the Le Pro3 is priced at $399, while an iPhone goes for around $649 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 for $670. The Ecophones’ camera has decent resolution that results in good-quality photos, although the low-light capture could use a little work, based on our hand-on test. Whether the camera features, technology, and price will be enough to cause market disruption in the U.S remains to be seen. The company is entering a market with well-established competitors and it will be tough going up against marketing powerhouses like Apple, Samsung, or LG. If done right, however, these phones could make some in-roads with budget-conscious consumers looking for a new smartphone.

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