Konica Minolta Diversifying their Portfolio

Allison Correia
Mar 13, 2015

At Konica Minolta’s Art of Disruption Dealer meeting last month in Los Angeles, California, they discussed what they believe are the industry’s biggest trends, how Konica Minolta plans to transform their business through these evolutions, and what their dealers should do to evolve with them to continue to be successful. A core message at the conference was that of diversification through new technologies to “disrupt” the industry.

Several exciting potential partnerships were discussed at the conference including Savioke, KnightScope, and EyeLock, with their products including robotics and eye scanners that were on display and being demonstrated in the expo for attendees. SaviOne by Savioke is a revolutionary delivery robot for service industries, such as hospitality. It can be used to securely and efficiently deliver snacks and amenities to hotel guests in place of room service staff. SaviOne is currently being piloted at the Aloft Cupertino and will be rolled out to more hotels over the next year.

Figure 1: SaviOne by Savioke – Delivery Robot for Hospitality Space

The company KnightScope delivers a fleet of security robots called K5 that can assume the patrol duties of a security guard that can feel, hear, smell, and see—enabling machines to provide actionable intelligence for first time responders and prevent crimes in schools, businesses and neighborhoods. The K5 detects crime using a variety of sensors including video camera, thermal imaging sensors, a laser range finder, radar, air quality sensors and a microphone. If the K5 detects abnormal noise and temperature change, or known criminals, it will alert local authorities.

EyeLock’s Myris is an iris scanner that can be used for user authentication to unlock devices in place of traditional usernames and passwords. This friction free, touchless eye scanning technology is currently a consumer product sold for less than $300, with an enterprise version to be released in a few months. Perhaps, down the line, we will see the Myris technology integrated directly onto a Konica Minolta MFP user interface.

Figure 2: Myris by EyeLock – Eye Scanner for Authentication

Konica Minolta is focused on the future and embracing innovation through the exploration of adjacent technologies to integrate into their business. They are encouraging their dealers to join them in this transformation and the excitement was evident in the atmosphere. Konica Minolta proved they are engaged in opportunities they see as the next big thing, and we are intrigued to see how their dealers move forward with executing these new strategies and opportunities.

For a more in-depth overview of Konica Minolta’s dealer event including new partnership announcements, new product announcements, and trends covered at the show, reference the Konica Minolta’s 2015 Dealer Conference: “The Art of Disruption” Analysis piece. Please contact Scott Phinney at scott.phinney@infotrends.com for more information.


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