ISIS Papyrus Takes an Adaptive Approach to Customer Communications Management

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May 19, 2013

Freeing business users from restrictive and costly IT procedures when developing, updating or executing document processes is a major driver in enterprise Customer Communication Management (CCM) investments. Today, enterprises need to have the ability to act nimble when confronted with changing communication requirements as customers are increasingly dictating the relationship and want to be served according to their communication preferences.

ISIS Papyrus, which held an open house event recently at its Vienna headquarters in celebration of its 25th anniversary, is an Austrian-based leading CCM technology provider that has defined “Adaptive Case Management” as its distinctive strength. Adaptive Case Management (ACS) refers to the automation of structured document processes, as well as the ability to bring ad-hoc unstructured processes into the overall communication workflow, even on a case-by-case basis. For instance, if an end customer calls up with a need or a problem that cannot be captured in a structured process, the claim worker or business user can adapt the process, map out the exceptions in a visual workflow tool, and then apply the changes immediately to a multi-channel delivery system.


Adaptive Content Management in relation to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Business Process Management Systems (BPMS)


Having flexibility is ideal for on-demand, interactive and mobile communications, which is why ISIS Papyrus counts so many insurance and financial enterprises among its 2,000 worldwide customers. But ISIS Papyrus also serves print companies, governmental organizations and enterprises in other verticals. At the event, integrator Deloitte presented a compelling story showing how ISIS Papyrus’ adaptive approach has helped a leading global healthcare equipment manufacturer overcome some of the limitations that Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) and Business Intelligence (BI) systems pose in relation to handling unstructured document management processes.

Attending the conference gave fresh insights in the latest challenges and opportunities that enterprises and service providers face in creating customized communications for their customers.

Some key highlights of the ISIS Papyrus event include:

  • Capture on a Mobile Device
    A new class of mobile applications is emerging that are created to solve specific business problems around document or information capture. Interesting apps were shown at the conference that include payment scanning, SEPA payment transfers, insurance / claim processing or utility meter reading.

  • Rapidly Deployable Mobile Applications
    The ISIS Papyrus mobile apps that were demonstrated at the event can be conceptually seen as containers; the working and user interface of the app is generated on the fly by an ISIS Papyrus server that contains all relevant access rights, user preferences, and intelligence. Changes in the workflow made by business users are instantly deployed; and the flexible ACS architecture even allows that mobile apps can be modified at instant level.
  • Interactive Documents (PDFs)
    More and more, businesses are seeing the need to present information in an interactive form. ISIS Papyrus demonstrated how PDF documents can contain transactional data that can be filtered, sorted, and grouped on the fly using Flash technology embedded in the PDF. See the video below.

  • Video to Drive Engagement
    Another rising trend is the use of video in PDF documents. We have seen other vendors pushing this as well as enterprises, which are realizing that consumers want engaging and relevant content. Typically a small teaser video is included in the PDF to keep the file size down. This then links to a full video either on YouTube or an own server.
  • Multi-Channel Campaigns and Data Analytics
    The need for data analytics to drive up-selling and cross-selling has been a driving force behind trends such as TransPromo. While on-statement messaging has certain challenges that prevent wide scale adoption, the desire to develop multi-channel marketing campaigns to existing customers is certainly there. Especially for service bureaus customers, developing additional marketing services based on an existing and familiar IT environment is beneficial.

InfoTrends Opinion
ISIS Papyrus is a leading document capture, automation, and composition vendor with approximately $100M in annual sales, and it’s one of the few remaining privately owned vendors in the space now that GMC has been acquired by Neopost. The company was founded 25 years ago driven by the need for document composition and output management software that could create print output directly from IBM’s mainframe machines. The software has evolved over the years to become a very flexible and integrated suite of IT solutions that enables companies to rapidly design and deploy enterprise-wide customer communication solutions independent of the channel.

The company is successful, profitable, and growing. ISIS Papyrus is well positioned with its strong product suite to benefit from the need for more adaptive software that help enterprises create relevant communication that be easily created, deployed, and analyzed. The company is strong in Europe and is rapidly increasing its presence in the United States.

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