Instant Sharing Brings Back the Emotion

Ed Lee
Sep 22, 2010

Excerpt from Photo Industry Reporter’s State of the Industry 2010

The future of imaging is the connected experience. The CE industry is buzzing about connecting devices like TVs, set-top boxes, mobile phones and PCs with personal and commercial content and services. Digital cameras need to integrate with this ecosystem or run the risk of being left out of the equation.

As connected devices become more widespread, cameras need to become connected to participate. Eventually, digital cameras may need to adopt an operating system and open APIs that will enable them to run various applications much like smartphones.

The urgency of bringing digital photography into the third stage of market development grows each day. Stage One was the technology stage, where the “digital” nature of photography was a major driver. Stage Two stresses the functional benefits of photography that is digital. This is where the camera vendors emphasize many of the new “automatic” camera features and the “simple to use” message. Stage Three will take consumers beyond the mechanics of taking a picture and will bring emotions back into photography. The more emotionally involved people are with their photos, the more likely that they will create revenue-generating products such as photo books.

Cameraphones and social networks, both primarily low-resolution media, have enabled instant photo sharing that invites friends and family to be in the moment with the photographer, a much more emotional experience. Have consumers chosen speed and convenience over quality? The final ballots have not yet been cast, but without connectivity, camera manufacturers may find it difficult to compete.

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About the publication/article

PIR editors asked industry leaders and key influencers in the photo industry to offer their perspectives from where they sit. In this special section, you’ll be able to see our business through the eyes of thirty-three leaders in our industry. We appreciate their participation, and trust that from this you’ll gain a better perspective about the State of our Industry in 2010.

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