“In 2 years, we won’t have laptops anymore”

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Nov 19, 2008

Thus spoke Open Text CEO John Shackleton at the opening keynote for Open Text’s 2008 user conference, aptly named Content World. Those of you working with Open Text are likely more familiar with the “LiveLinkUp” event of the past, which was renamed this year to promote the ‘one voice, one vision’ theme. In line with this shift, I’ve found that a few product lines are moving towards a single-brand identity, with the (former) Red Dot Web content management (WCM) solution being referred to more often as WCM for LiveLink.

So maybe Mr. Shackleton is a little off in his perceived timing for this next evolution of information technology, and more than likely, this was a rhetorical statement. Then again, for those who saw InfoTrends’ President Jeff Hayes’ keynote at ODS, we all know “the cloud” and “mobile” are coming.

At this afternoon’s general session, Chief Strategy Officer Tom Jenkins presented his thoughts on this issue (and others) — the smartphones of today are already ahead of the laptops of the past. In the future, he noted, knowledge worker desks could be dominated by these ‘converged’ and mobile devices rather than the silo’d phones, laptops, and other office hardware that are commonly in place today.

Following Mr. Jenkins’ presentation was Kirk Roberts, President of the LiveLink ECM division, who described exactly how Open Text would help its customers take advantage of the coming evolution(s). Describing product roadmaps and demoing some nifty works-in-progress, Mr. Roberts also emphasized solutions with critical partners Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle. And yes, you’ll be able to access these solutions through your iPhone or BlackBerry in the future.

Unfortunately, there’s far too much good information from this event to detail in a single post, so watch out for my more thorough event analysis!

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