HP Opens New Graphics Experience Center in Barcelona

David Stabel
Mar 20, 2015

On March 16, 2015, HP EMEA celebrated the grand opening of their new Graphics Experience Center in Barcelona, Spain. This facility is housed at the EMEA headquarters of HP’s Graphics Solutions, which is also HP’s largest R&D lab outside of the U.S. More than 3,000 employees work at these facilities of which more than 450 are in R&D. HP has transformed its existing demo center into a customer facing facility called Graphics Experience Center with 60 end-to-end graphics solutions on display from HP and its partners. At 6,000 square meters, the new facility has almost double the floor space of the old one. This blog describes the highlights of the event.

HP's Graphics Experience Center in Barcelona, Spain

For the grand opening, HP executives highlighted HP’s latest technologies in the graphics arts market and explained their strategy to lead the future of digital printing. For HP it is clear: their technology portfolio across multiple industry segments enables them to take a leading position in the digital printing market.

Digital Packaging

HP displayed its full technology line-up for digital packaging printing starting with an HP Indigo 10000 folding carton solution. The new Horizon SmartStacker, placed in nearline mode directly behind the HP Indigo 10000, allowed for quickly switching to an end-to-end production solution for other commercial applications. In this end-to-end configuration, the SmartStacker is completely controlled by the HP Indigo 10000 through a JDF workflow.

End-to-end labeling solutions with an Indigo WS6800 and an Indigo 20000 were also on display. An Indigo 30000 showed production of different folding carton applications using a Tresu iCoat 30000 inline coating solution making this configuration around 15 meters in length.

HP Indigo 30000 with Tresu iCoat 30000 inline coater

HP also displayed a HP Scitex FB10000 configuration printing different corrugated packaging applications. A HP Scitex FB15000 was also available on site but not operated in demo mode. Both these UV inkjet printers also see usage for sign & display applications.

Retail-ready packaging applications printed on HP's Scitex FB10000

Sign, Display, and Wall Décor

A variety of sign, display, and wall décor products where printed with HP’s Latex printers. HP’s Latex technology is a success according to Arzu Babaoglu, General Manager Large Format Production & Industrial Printing EMEA. HP is expecting that half of its low volume large format printer shipments will be Latex printers by 2018. Continuous improvements in this technology enable the printing on more different types of substrates such as PVCs, vinyl, and textile, as the many samples on display showed.

Textile samples printed with HP's Latex technology

Graphics Communications

A HP T230 configuration in combination with a cut-and-stack finishing of Hunkeler demonstrated HP’s inkjet technology for high-speed printing. Its recently announced new HDNA print head was one of the highlights around this technology. All new T-series products will have HDNA as standard configuration once it becomes commercially available in 2016.

3D Printing

HP also showed a diversity of 3D samples in multi colors ranging from fun-objects to spare parts samples printed with its Multi Jet Fusion platform. According to Ramon Pastor, VP & General Manager of HP’s Large Format Printing Business & 3D Printing, the 3D printing market is still in an early stage although the technology as such has existed for many years already. A possible reason for this may be the fact that previous patents on the technology have prevented it from evolving. As most of these patents are expiring now, the evolution of 3D printing technology will see a boom.

Innovating Remote Services

An innovative concept demonstrated at the event was HP’s Visual Remote Guidance. This concept uses the camera of smart glasses (e.g., Google Glasses) to virtually deliver support services. In this concept a remote service engineer is able to follow the happening onsite as it can see “through the eyes” of the print operator carrying the smart glasses. Through an audio connection the service engineer can directly provide support instructions to the print operator.

HP's Visual Remote Guidance Concept

In InfoTrends’ analysis The Augmented Reality Business Opportunity for Enterprises, such use cases of smart glasses show high potential as it enables businesses a new level of operational improvement and lean process management.


Gary Peeling, CEO of Precision Printing Co Ltd. and global chairman of Dscoop, talked about the value of Dscoop for HP graphic arts user and gave tips on how to best leverage on membership. The 10th annual North American Dscoop conference took place earlier this month in Washington, DC. The next EMEA Dscoop conference will take place from June 3-5, 2015, in Dublin, Ireland.

InfoTrends’ Opinion

Looking back, the grand opening of HP’s new Graphics Experience Center in Barcelona has shown HP’s dedication to the digital print market in all key segments. Like other vendors in this space HP is also investing in new technologies and innovations enabling a broader range of applications and helping printers lowering their running cost while preserving high output quality. The solutions on display showed maturity beyond just the printing process itself.

InfoTrends tracks the production printing industry very closely with its On Demand Printing & Publishing (ODS), Functional & Industrial Printing (FIPS), and Wide Format Printing (WFP) advisory services.


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