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Mar 1, 2013

Giving greeting cards is very much part of the British culture. A recent study by Ofcom found that UK consumers send more greeting cards than any other surveyed country;  France, Germany, Italy, USA, Japan, Australia, Spain, and China.

Greeting cards remain an important part of the UK social culture, and UK consumers are sending more than ever before. One of the key factors driving this growth is the increased demand seen in online print and the growing popularity for personalised photo cards.

InfoTrends tracks the UK photo card market and our research found that the UK market sells more personalised photo cards than any other Western European country; representing around a quarter of all photo cards sold in Western Europe. Furthermore, more volume of photo cards have been sold in the UK than any other paper based photo product; more than photo books, calendars and canvases combined.

Greeting cards are a practical item and are popular all year round, so it is no wonder that photo cards contribute to such a large share of the photo product market. However, the success of the market strongly reflects the marketing investments made by local players to raise consumer awareness and interest. Companies such as Funky Pigeon and Moonpig have been fundamental players in the success of the UK photo card market, in particular Moonpig, with their strong investment in TV advertising.

As consumers’ awareness of photo cards continues to grows, we expect to see the UK photo card market continue to flourish. InfoTrends anticipates the photo card market to experience double-digit growth in 2013.

Industry players would do well to invest in marketing efforts to raise consumers’ awareness in personalised photo cards. The market is growing at a healthy rate, but there many opportunities to expand the market and drive further growth. The InfoTrends 2012 Western European Photo Merchandise Forecast is available on the InfoTrends report store. The forecast includes market data for photo books, cards, calendars and canvases, split by the five major markets in Western Europe; France, Germany, Italy, Spain and The UK.

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