Generational Opportunities Exist for the Imaging Industry

Ed Lee
Sep 16, 2015

Excerpt from Digital Imaging Reporter’s State of the Industry 2015

There has never been a higher level of interest in photos, photography and imaging. InfoTrends predicts that almost 200 billion photos will be captured by cameras, phones and tablets in the U.S. in 2016.

Our research has consistently shown that age has a dramatic impact on consumers’ usage, attitudes and purchasing habits. We believe that baby boomers provide insight into the market of the past, generation Xers shed light on today’s market, and millennials give us an idea of where the market is heading in the coming years.
Vendors and retailers should note some of these facts as they develop new products, services and marketing messages for each generation. Millennials are very photo active and share their images via social networks, online communities and mobile phones. For mobile phones, millennials take more pictures than their older counterparts. For digital cameras, photo taking is increasing for older millennials but declining for younger millennials.

Gen Xers are prime targets for capture, output and sharing vendors and services, because they remain very active in all of these areas. Baby boomers may be past their prime photo-active years, as they take the fewest digital camera photos and use their cameras the least frequently. They are becoming consumers of other people’s photos rather than generators of photos for others to consume. So, sharing of photos with boomers grows in importance.

All generations are still printing occasionally and printing habits across all generations show many similarities.

Digital and mobile photography vendors and retailers must research and identify their audiences and market to them accordingly. While innovations are attractive to younger individuals, older consumers want technology to work on their terms.

To read the full DIR State of the Imaging Market 2015 story, Click here.

About the Digital Imaging Reporter publication/article

As you read through the essays from the leaders of the imaging industry, you’ll probably notice an optimistic tone that is pervasive and convincing. This optimism comes from a simple truth—people are taking millions of pictures every day, and billions every year. And the number continues to multiply. DIR editors asked leaders in the industry to offer their insights for its 2015 State of the Industry report. These leaders have provided their perspectives into what the year has brought and what we can expect in the months to come.


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