Fujifilm opens “Wonder Photo Shop” in the heart of New York City

David Haueter
Jul 19, 2016

On Friday July 22nd, Fujifilm will open the new “Wonder Photo Shop” at 176 5th Avenue in the shadow of the famous Flatiron Building in New York City. The New York City shop is the first U.S. location and the ninth storefront in the world.  The first shop was established in Tokyo in 2014, with other shops located in Barcelona, Bogata, Manila, Shanghai, and Singapore. After attending a media event just a few days before the store opened, I’m confident that New Yorkers will embrace the shop and that it will fulfill one of Fujifilm’s goals, which is for people to become more immersed in the joy of photography.

Wonder Photo Shop gets ready to open

Wonder Photo Shop gets ready to open

Selling products and bringing in revenue is always good for a retail store, but that’s not the primary goal that Fujifilm has with the Wonder Photo Shop. Rather, Fujifilm’s goals are to use the shop to spark a “Photo Renaissance,” by encouraging consumers to either discover (or rediscover as the case may be) the joy of photography as well as well as for Fujifilm to learn more about the types of products that consumers like to create with their photos. Fujifilm can then use the knowledge they gain from the Wonder Photo Shop to help drive photo product sales in U.S. retail stores, such as Walmart.

Kiosks are located throughout the shop

Kiosks are located throughout the shop

Consumers that visit the Wonder Photo Shop in New York City will no doubt find it a very pleasant experience. The store is very inviting, with wood floors and warm lighting, as well as a creative use of a narrow floor layout. There are several large, easy to use, self-serve kiosks that customers can use to create and order a wide array of products from prints to wall décor, a wall devoted to the popular Instax instant cameras and associated products, as well as a large work area at the rear of the store where customers can work on their own photo products and enjoy a cup of coffee. There’s also a kiosk for the Qowalla app for designing and ordering wall décor. Fujifilm will also sell X-Series mirrorless cameras and one-time use film cameras at the store. There’s even a photo booth to have a different type of creative fun with photography.

The shop's do-it-yourself work area

The shop’s do-it-yourself work area

The location of the Wonder Photo Shop is fantastic, as it’s right across the street from the Flatiron Building and the beautiful Madison Square Park, in an area that’s known as the photography district in New York City. The Wonder Photo Shop officially opens on Friday July 22nd, and will be open Monday-Saturday from 10:00 am-7:00 pm and Sundays from 12:00-6:00 pm. Fujifilm also plans to hold classes, lectures, and exhibitions at the shop. If you live in New York, I would encourage you to pay the shop a visit, or make a point of stopping by if you’re visiting the city. More information is available at www.wonderphotoshopnyc.com.

Wonder Photo Shop is located in the photogenic Flatiron District.

Wonder Photo Shop is located in the photogenic Flatiron District.

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