Frankly Speaking: A Snapshot of the Printing Industry

Frank Romano
Jun 22, 2011

Printing Impressions magazine publishes an annual list of printing companies. Even though some companies who should be there are not, it is good representative list of 400 printers that range from over $10 Billion to $4 million.

How many and what percentage are based in the midwest? 
There are 149 or 37.25% that are based in the Midwest. There were more at one time because of paper availability, distribution via the postal service, and lower labor rates in rural areas. About 30% of the companies have multiple production locations, mostly for distribution efficiencies involving the postal service.

How many and what percentage have the word “printer” or “printing” in their name?
There are 101 or 25.25% of the companies whose names contain printer or printing with 14 containing “printers” and 87 contain “printing.” It was 35% in 2000.

How many and what percentage had a decrease in sales from the previous year? 
From the previous year 63 or 15.75% had a decrease in sales. The 2010 data represents 2009; 2009 was a tough year.

Overall, what was the percentage of decrease in sales from year to year? 
There was a 7.1% decrease in sales revenue year to year.

How many and what percentage are public companies?
4.75% public. That’s 19 companies.

What percentage are private or other companies?
The number of private or listed as other (mostly employee owned) is 95.25%. That’s 381 out of 400.

What is the average revenue per employee for all 400 companies?
The revenue per employee totaled $194,763.30 (dividing total revenue by total employees).

What is the total number of employees for all companies listed?
There are 232,419 employees across all companies.

If I told you my printing company has 220 employees, what are my sales based on what you learned above?
Sales would be about $42,847,927 annually (number of employees times average revenue per employee).

At one time, three magazines did versions of this kind of data; today, only PI does it. We hope they continue because it is a useful way of getting a quick snapshot of the industry.

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