Focus on the Hobbyists and Pro Photographers

Ed Lee
Sep 25, 2014

Excerpt from Digital Imaging Reporter’s State of the Industry 2014

For the camera market, 2014 will be a tough year, with a continued decline in worldwide sales; 2015 could be better if manufacturers and retailers adjust their mind-sets, strategies and product roadmaps to remain competitive.

One change required is the acknowledgement that smartphones are not the enemy. Mobile photographers are the breeding ground for future camera buyers. Camera vendors and photo retailers would be well served by educating them about the art of photography. Many casual photographers’ and social sharers’ first experience with taking photos is now with a phone. Those consumers whose interest in photography grows from that first experience and who become hobbyists are prime targets for high-end compact cameras and interchangeable-lens cameras.

New camera introductions should focus on the desires of hobbyists and professional photographers. These people love photography and are willing to spend money on equipment that delivers a better experience or higher quality photos. Product features that will resonate are larger image sensors, better low-light capabilities, full-frame sensors, better optics, longer zooms, intelligent imaging features and 4K video capture.

While camera sales generate immediate revenue, vendors can no longer only make devices. The development of services that help consumers do more with their photos, from memory keeping and communication perspectives, will be from where future recurring revenue streams come. Vendors and retailers need to become advisers to their customers, talking to them, listening to them and learning about their needs, so they can offer them the solutions that deliver the most satisfying photo experiences.

To read the full DIR State of the Imaging Market 2014 story, Click here.

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Even in a down market, things are looking up! DIR editors asked leaders in the industry to offer their insights for its 2014 State of the Industry report. These leaders have provided their perspectives into what the year has brought and what we can expect in the months to come.

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