Everyday Video Going Mobile

Carrie Sylvester
Feb 8, 2013

In the ‘60s it was your favorite Uncle who had the fancy Super8 video camera. The ‘80s brought us the “luggable” VHS camcorder, the ‘90s saw smaller digital camcorders that could record to compact video tapes, and the 2000s made a move to internal or flash memory. Present day finds the traditional camcorder being displaced by smaller and more convenient mobile phones and digital cameras. Will these pocketable devices replace camcorders?

In the 2012 InfoTrends Video End User survey asked what cameras people were using to shoot video and then more specifically what they use most often for shooting everyday videos.

The Survey Says….

We asked videographers (people that shoot any digital video), Which camera do you use most often to shoot videos for EVERYDAY occasions? The most popular everyday video taking choices are mobile phones (54%), digital camera (30%) and camcorders (13%).

There was a clear difference in video shooting preference when looking at this question by age. Respondents aged 18-24 relied most heavily on smartphones. Digital cameras were also very popular devices amongst all age groups. More than 45% of videographers aged 55+ rely on their digital camera most often for everyday situations. Digital camcorders are being used, but are only tend to be taken out for special events. Digital camcorders for everyday video taking tends to be done by older adults (aged 45-55+). Tablets are being used, but at this point are too new to the scene to be widely-relied upon video taking devices by any of the age groups surveyed.

So what…..?

This is all welcome news for mobile phone and digital cameras because they are the everyday video taking device of choice for most people. However, this is not great news for traditional camcorders. Camcorder vendors wishing to remain relevant to consumers increasing video taking habits, must find a way to compete with mobile phones and digital cameras. Camcorders will need to have convenient sharing options to be used in more everyday video situations. However, camcorders are ideal for shooting longer special occasion videos, InfoTrends believes camcorders, mobile phones, and digital cameras can co-exist based on these different use case scenarios. Camcorder makers should look to the enthusiast crowd and find more sales and upgrade success with the interchangeable lens camcorder models as a result. Sony is the only vendor that has a reasonably priced interchangeable lens camcorder, with its Handycam interchangeable lens model. Interchangeable lens camcorders also bring with them increased revenue opportunities of additional lenses and accessory purchases for these higher-performing camcorders.

If you want to learn more about the upcoming InfoTrends Video End User report feel free to contact Matt O’Keefe with questions.



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