Efi Arazi, Graphic Communications luminary – Passed at 76

Ron Gilboa
Apr 15, 2013

Efi Arazi, print industry pioneer, luminary, and philanthropist who set the digital revolution in motion in the Graphic Communications filed died this past weekend at the age of 76.

Efi Arazi 1937-2013

Efi was born in Jerusalem in 1937 and already at the young age of just over 16 won a reward for technology innovation in Israel. He earned an engineering degree in the 1960s at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; while there he helped develop the TV camera that was used in the Apollo 11 mission. At the age of 23 he became a fellow at Harvard University.

Efi returned to Israel in 1967 and the following year he founded and headed Scitex Corporation an Israel-based multi-national company that specialized in developing and manufacturing hardware and software for the graphics design, printing, and publishing markets.  Efi stepped down as CEO and president of Scitex on June 1, 1988, but continued to serve as chairman of the board of directors of the company until 1989.

Graphic Communications was really never the same, once Efi had set to work with Scitex.  In that regard, those with long memories will recall, among other things, the unveiling of the Scitex Response system at the GEC exhibition in Milan in 1979. In 1988 when I myself joined Scitex Efi was just making his final farewell rounds; this was after several years where the company struggled to find its bearing and continue its path of innovation. I had the honor to meet Efi when he came to visit the scanning division where I worked on CCD based capture devices.  He stepped in to our demo room, quiet, confident, and as a father checking with his kids inquired about both our progress and well-being.

Efi today is still revered as one of the founders of Scitex Corporation, renowned for its innovation in the graphics arts industry, from scanner interfaces and film setters to workflow workstations and ultimately all the knowledge needed to take an industry and usher it into a digital world.

After leaving Scitex, Efi was not done with innovating and leading. He founded Electronics For Imaging, the company that began the digital front end concept and from which digitally printed pages started flowing on copiers, wide format printers and today also in many digital solutions in industrial functional applications.

Efi leaves behind him a legacy of innovation, philanthropy, and also generations of industry mavens and innovators who learned from him and who lead this industry today.

We were blessed to have had him among us and will cherish his memory.

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