Dscoop9: A Video-Aided Re-Cap

Jim Hamilton
Mar 20, 2014

My trip to Dscoop9 was short — one day only — but fabulous. In the time I was there I saw a hilarious and thought-provoking keynote, spent hours on the show floor collecting print samples (see links to videos below), moderated a panel of innovative HP Indigo 10000 users, met with HP Indigo executives, and interviewed an HP “Graphics Influencer.”

Here are my take-aways from the day I spent at Dscoop9:

  • How Important Is Dscoop to HP? Dion Weisler was at Dscoop9. He’s the Executive Vice President of HP’s Printing and Personal Computing division, which is responsible for about half of HP’s total revenue. It was quite symbolic that such a senior HP executive made the trip to Orlando. Weisler spoke briefly ahead of the Friday morning keynote and told the crowd why he loves the HP’s Graphics Solution Business; not the least of these reasons is that it is one of the few areas under his supervision that is showing strong growth, “double-digits,” he said.
  • Rod Key Award for Marketing Excellence: The most moving moment of the day was a tribute to Rod Key, a Dscoop stalwart who died unexpectedly in January. Dscoop is creating an award called the Rod Key Marketing Excellence award and has formed a steering committee to guide it. The inaugural Rod Key Award was presented to his family in an emotional ceremony before the Friday keynote.
  • HP Packaging Customer Experience Center in Israel: In a significant move to support existing and new packaging offerings, HP announced at its analyst summit (the day before Dscoop9 opened) that it has created a worldwide packaging customer experience center in Israel. While the company will have its packaging products in other demonstration centers, they will bring the major packaging printers, brand owners, and other interested parties to Israel for top-level discussions. With the upcoming releases of the Indigo 20000 and 30000, in combination with other Indigo label and flexible packaging offerings, the creation of this packaging center underscores HP’s focus on not only labels and flexible packaging, but also folding cartons. In addition, HP products like the Scitex FB10000 are already being used in some corrugated applications. Early Indigo 10000 customers are also using the device in some box and folding carton applications, even though it’s the Indigo 30000 that is intended for folding cartons. It’s clear that the larger format of the 10000 opens up some new, previously unreachable box sizes. All of this activity bodes well for the use of HP products in packaging, where the opportunity for digital print growth is huge.
  • QR Codes Kill Kittens: Scott Stratten (@unmarketing), author of the book “QR Codes Kill Kittens” gave the Friday morning keynote and was very, very funny. He described QR codes as the poster child of the problem with marketing, and that QR codes turned terrible when marketers got a hold of them. He cited examples of idiotic QR code use (including ones on highway billboards and in messages sent to mobile phones). My favorite Scott Stratten quote: “There is no ROI in social media, but there is ROI in being awesome for customers.”

Me Caught Stealing the Nifty Indigo 10000 Model

  • Taking Full Advantage of B2 Format Digital: I moderated a panel of Indigo 10000 users that included Gary Peeling of Precision Printing, Jack Emery of Sandy Alexander, and Ed Wiegand of The Matlet Group. One of the most interesting insights from the group was the productivity advantage that comes from the larger print area. The benefits are more than just the increased area. For example, sometimes applications that may only fit two-up on an A3+ sheet will fit 6-up (or more) on a B2 sheet. In addition to fitting larger applications, there are also potential benefits in terms of color consistency, variable data workflow, and automated finishing.
  • HP by the Numbers: HP made a number of statements in regard to placement and print volume:
    • There are over 6,000 Indigo’s worldwide
    • HP has placed more than 80 Indigo 10000s across 23 countries
    • 30% of the Indigo business is labels
    • More than 120 Inkjet Web Presses have been sold, producing a total of 50 billion pages so far
    • More than 2,000 people attended Dscoop9

For a video view of some great print samples from Dscoop9:

  • The Importance of Quality and Color Gamut: This video shows three HP Indigo samples from Dscoop9: a limited edition photo by Curtis Speer, a poster of a bridge at sunset, and a National Gallery art book of Titian paintings.

  • Book Finishing with B2-Format Digital: This video describes a photo book workflow using an HP Indigo 10000 and an in-line Horizon SmartStacker.

  • ED #15 — Interactive Print: This video showcases a NewPage educational piece from the ED series. Effects shown include dimensional print/embossing, die-cutting, heat-sensitivity, pop-ups, and mobile interactivity.

  • Packaging Collaboration — HP Indigo, Iggesund, Highcon, and Scodix: This video highlights some interesting packaging samples that packages leverage HP Indigo printers, Highcon digital die-cutting & scoring, Scodix digital enhancement, and Iggesund Invercote paper.

  • Digital Die-Cutting and Pre-Die-Cut Materials: This video covers some label & packaging print samples that leverage either digital die-cutting or pre-die-cut materials that can be printed on production color digital devices. These examples leverage HP printers, Highcon digital die-cutting, and Mohawk pre-die-cut papers.

  • Greetings from Dscoop9! This video covers greeting cards that leverage HP Indigo printers, Highcon digital die-cutting & scoring, Scodix digital enhancement, and Mohawk papers.

  • Segmented Promotional Mail Using an Inkjet Web Press: This video is of a versioned direct mail piece showcasing a fictional supermarket chain called “Maximo’s” that was printed on Utopia Inkjet Gloss 70# text by an HP Inkjet Web Press.

  • Pantone & the Queen of England: In this video I interview HP’s Doris Brown-McNally about an Indigo-printed Pantone color wheel highlighting the Queen of England. Brown-McNally is a Graphics Influencer and Business Development Manager for HP’s Graphics Solution Business.

  • Titian in Paintings and Poetry: In this video I interview HP’s Doris Brown-McNally about a National Gallery of London art book that combines paintings by Titian and poems that were inspired by them.

My travels take me across the globe over the next few months. Two events where I will be speaking are coming up soon: America East and the Inkjet Summit. Hope to see you there!

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