Digital Interchangeable Lens Cameras Well-Positioned Worldwide

Ed Lee
Jan 6, 2012

According to InfoTrends’ latest Worldwide Digital Camera forecast, digital interchangeable lens cameras (DILCs) sales were strong last year and are expected to continue to sell well over the next 5 years.

Over the holiday break, we visited each of the websites (U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan and China) to do an informal poll to see how popular Digital SLRs (DSLR) and Compact Interchangeable Lens Cameras (CILC) were for shoppers. The websites shows the 100 most popular cameras sold and updates the list hourly. Camera body only and various kit configurations are counted separately.

The data from December 28th shows that DILCs are well-positioned in most of the markets around the world. In the U.S., Italy, and China 20 models/configurations out of the 100 bestselling cameras were DILCs. In Japan, one-quarter of bestselling models were DILCs. DSLRs models clearly outpace their CILC counterparts in all countries except for Japan, where there is almost a 50/50 split between DSLR and CILC models in the top 100. This backs up the stories that CILCs are giving DSLRs a run for the money in Japan but also shows that they have a long battle ahead in most other regions of the world. 100 Best Seller Cameras – Digital Interchangeable Lens Cameras

As new models of compact interchangeable lens cameras are introduced this year, we would expect that more of them will make it into the top 100 list and that the mix between DSLRs and CILCs will shift more towards CILCs. We’ll check back later this year to see if either of these has occurred.


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