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Apr 23, 2014

Digital Asset Management (DAM) as we have come to know it over the years is the notion of managing and archive important and often valuable digital assets. However, as multi-media distribution continues to grow, so does the roll of DAM in all aspects of the workflow. DAM systems now have the ability to support projects from the very beginning and integrate easily into production and distribution, DAM in this capacity has become the rule not the exception.

DAM is also the driving force behind marketers, publishers, and enterprises delivering rich-media content across various channels, languages, and locations to customers. It sits at the core of many workflow processes within these organizations to ensure brand consistency and the proper use of assets. Even today, DAM continues to evolve to support the changing media landscape as determined by the demands of consumers. Here are some of the current trends that are changing DAM solutions and driving new opportunities for its use today:

Video Assets are Taking Over: There has been a substantial rise in the amount of video used by marketers, publishers, and enterprises. Marketers for example have been using video as a way to build brand awareness, increase loyalty, and promote new products. The rate in which video is being used is increasing demand for solutions that support video with the same types of workflows used for static assets such as annotations and approval; the difference being the need for annotating and editing individual video frames and support for the size of these assets. DAM software providers have become aware of this shift and are responding to the need for better video based asset handling. For example, ADAM Software introduced ADAM Videos, a solution designed to manage corporate video production. The solution allows for video management, localization, and packaging, and the ability to push video out to multiple channels. Solutions such as this will become the norm as marketers and publishers continue to leverage video as a medium of reaching consumers.

“Mobile” Office: The 2013 Mobile consumer Survey by Adobe stated that the growth for both mobile display ads and search will grow to 50% by 2015. This means there will be a higher demand for mobile centric workflows and file management solutions, and as a result, DAM solutions providers are incorporating mobile workflows and assets into their products. In addition to marketers and publishers using mobile as a way to communicate with customers, smartphone technology is also playing a role in the creation and production processes. Some DAM solution providers have created tools to complement their systems that allow for approval, tracking, and publishing of files through mobile devices (both apps and mobile-optimized websites).

DAM and MAM Merging: It is expected that in 2014, there will be an increase in the blending of DAM solutions and marketing asset management (MAM) solutions. MAM solutions are essentially systems designed specifically for marketing assets and workflows. Increased integration of these two solutions will help to break down production silos that exist between marketing and other corporate departments, providing a single asset management system that can be utilized across the enterprise, allowing for content and assets to be centralized and accessed by multiple departments.

In addition to current trends of 2014, the past year has seen interesting movement among DAM solutions providers. Most recently, Shutterstock, a large stock photo entity acquired WebDAM, to focus on reaching more enterprise level customers; a base which WebDAM is known for.  Also in recent news, Teradata and ADAM Software announced a partnership, which allows users to incorporate rich media into marketing campaigns. This year promises to continue the themes of acquisitions and partnerships that were seen in 2013.

One way to track trends in the Digital Asset Management space is through the Henry Stewart Conferences, who organizes DAM events throughout the year in Chicago, London, Los Angeles, and New York. These events provide the opportunity for DAM vendors, experts, and users to educate themselves on the latest in DAM management, execution, and to help encourage discussion among industry professionals on challenges they encounter using DAM systems.

Readers can save $100 off the registration price of this year’s Henry Stewart DAM NY by using the discount code INFOTRENDS100 at checkout. This year’s DAM NY event will be held May 1-2 at the New York Hilton Midtown.

This year’s event will feature speakers from many well-known media outlets including Comedy Central, ESPN, A&E Television Networks, Hearst Magazines, American Express Publishing, and CondeNast. DAM is used in more than just big media and publishing companies. Other enterprises that will be present to speak on their use of DAM are Hasbro, the American Cancer Society, UPS, and NASCAR. In addition to many excellent speakers, the event will also feature exhibitors and sponsors, such as Adobe, HP, MediaBeacon, OpenText, and MarkLogic.

DAM is a necessary part of the production workflow and offers many benefits for organizations that are looking to become more streamlined in managing their brand and offer better control over their workflow processes. Events like Henry Stewart DAM NY provide education, networking, and the opportunities to test drive the latest software solutions. This year, myself, as well as my colleague Stephanie Pieruccini, will be heading down to DAM NY to attend sessions, meet with vendors, and talk with users. If you see us, please say hello!

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