Dell NextLife Ink Cartridges Now Sold in Best Buy

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May 14, 2010

In its first move to retail, the new Dell NextLife ( remanufactured inkjet cartridges are now available in all Best Buy locations and on the store’s website ( The consumer electronics retailer carries about half of the higher volume NextLife cartridges in the stores. To promote the new products, advertising in Best Buy fliers will begin next week.Blog Nextlife


Early feedback from NextLife customers has been positive on the cartridges. The cartridges were launched in early 2010. The interesting thing about this line is that it is remanufactured supplies and most printer OEMs do not support the use of remanufactured product. However, the line is only available for non-Dell products at this time. Although, we have heard that there are Dell supplies on the way. With a strong environmental message, the products are produced by a very well-known unnamed supplies company which changed its processes to be even more environmental.

NextLife is technically not part of Dell but is a separate eco-consulting company focused on environmental products for consumers. To support the environmental messaging of the NextLife cartridges, there was life cycle analysis completed, impact studies done of the ink cartridges, and an eco-quadrant created for product packaging that highlights the amount of carbon, energy, and water saved as well as the percentage of recycled materials that is in the cartridge. NextLife claims that none of the cartridges they collect that can’t be use in remanufacturing end up in landfill but are used in other products like park benches. The packaging also has an environmental message: 50% of the box is post consumer waste and the other 50% is sourced from SFI materials. We covered this new product line in March 2010 in an InfoTrends Analysis report, Dell’s NextLife Remanufactured Ink Cartridges. This  is available to CSCS clients and is also available for sale to non-CSCS clients on the InfoTrends reports store

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