Delivering on Customer Engagement at the XMPie User’s Conference

Ryan McAbee
Oct 30, 2015

Earlier this week the XMPie User’s Group conference was held in Miami, Florida. The theme of the conference was “The Art of Customer Engagement” and brought together users of XMPie software from around the globe for three days of networking and learning. The opening keynote titled “On Bridging Print and Digital” was delivered by Jacob Aizikowitz, president and founder of XMPie. Jacob urged attendees to become digital first, focusing as much on digital technologies as print – a point driven home by the fact that 75% of marketing spend is expected to be on digital channels by 2019.

XMPie continues to evolve and expand its product offerings to support a digital-first mindset which was reinforced by the introduction of Open XM at the show. Open XM is an XMPie technology stack that can be incorporated into any website without relying on any specific design tool.

User-driven conferences continue to provide an ideal environment for learning and networking with other service providers who face the same opportunities and challenges. This was evident in the sessions and conversations I had with attendees at the show, from discussing pricing strategies to users trading contact information to help out with technical issues once they arrive back home.

Attendees were also able to gain firsthand knowledge across three different learning tracks (business, technical, and design), in addition to sessions highlighting partner solutions. I was able to sit in on two of the well-attended business track sessions:

  • Increasing ROI by Leveraging XMPie: Ken Shriber from Ditto shared his company’s evolution from copy/bindery services for legal firms to building an adaptive “corporate identity platform” that can be leveraged across all verticals. Ken then explained, using several examples across multiple vertical markets, how Ditto leverages their XMPie-driven platform to increase ROI while also providing services and value to their clients.
  • Big Data: John Leininger of Clemson University discussed how to apply “big data” techniques to the small data (less than 1M records) that printers are typically using. Other topics covered in the session included: how to find data, how to create new data from existing, determining what data is needed, options for database software, and links and references for continued learning.

InfoTrends also had the opportunity to discuss current research from our Customer Engagement Technology (CET) advisory service in a general keynote session title “The Art and Science of Customer Engagement.” The presentation centered on the need for omni-channel communications which delivers a unified brand experience to customers while allowing the brand to seamlessly engage the customer in a coordinated and strategic way across all lines of business.

InfoTrends Opinion
Determining the return on investment (ROI) for customer communications along with how to best capture, analyze, and utilize “big data” are still challenging for enterprises according to recent CET research by InfoTrends. After strategy development, businesses in North America needed the most help in building the business case to justify an investment through ROI. Not surprisingly, data management/access ranked 3rd on the overall list. While few would argue the importance of mastering data as the industry moves forward, only 10% have invested in predictive analytic capabilities and even fewer for real-time data analytics. As such, the learning tracks offered at the conference offered timely and real-world feedback and best practices on some of today’s most relevant topics.

To gain additional insights into the customer communications market and technology, InfoTrends recently published the 2015 Customer Engagement Technologies State of the Market report both globally and for North America.

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