DCT Reimagining ECM Delivery with SimpleECM Launch

Allison Correia
May 20, 2014

After being in beta for several months, Document Capture Technologies (DCT), creators of SimpleScan Connect, announced on April 29th the release of their SimpleECM solution- “making information available where and when businesses want it”. This enterprise content management platform was created with a “workflow-centric view” of document/capture management and is delivered via standard application programming interfaces (APIs) and cloud-based services. Their target market includes in-house developers, system integrators, and outsourced app developers.

About DCT

DCT is a leader in cloud-based document management, productivity and document capture solutions. Since 1998, DCT has sold over 4 million mobile scanners and related technologies and services through leading OEMs. In 2013, they made the shift from hardware to cloud service and solution provider. DCT recognizes that there has been a market evolution of document management from storage and management classification in the 1850s, to digital conversion and centralized distributed capture in the late 1990s, to ubiquitous creation, capture and access in the 2000’s (with Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, etc.), to finally the total consumerization of ECM today.

What is SimpleECM?

Incorporating a combination of APIs, Mobile and Web SDKs in this new platform, DCT is striving to provide ECM to the masses by simplifying the process of building document capture and management workflows into business applications. SimpleECM is unique from the traditional ECM offering in that it is built for the cloud and for direct connection between capture devices and web applications, easing the user experience. The solution’s APIs also include OCR and form processing capabilities, as well as, standardized APIs for more popular business applications including accounting, POS, ERP and CRM. Features include data storage and management, document and content routing, authentication user management security, data extraction, multi-channel capture, mobile apps and toolkits. In addition, the platform connects directly to DCT’s database in the cloud so they are able to gather capture analytics on how devices are being used etc.

One case example DCT gives for SimpleECM is with business card processing. Often times when inputting newly acquired contacts from an industry trade show or event into a company’s CRM and marketing automation system, a person must type or scan such leads into a spreadsheet and manually upload them into the different systems. The developer Apper Technologies wanted to create an app to snap pictures of business cards or scan barcodes off name badges and automatically populate the contacts into their existing business systems- with SimpleECM they were able to do this. With SimpleECM’s Browser Drive API, Apper made unified JavaScript calls to integrate with different devices including mobile phones, cameras, card scanners, and barcode readers to capture business card images and barcode data.  They used SimpleECM “formExtraction” API to pull names, email addresses and other information from the images. SimpleECM has an integrated interface into various CRM systems, so Apper was then able to set up OAuth-secured channels for their app to link the business card data into their CRM systems as new leads. DCT also gives examples of SimpleECM use through new employee onboarding, new patient registration, and invoice processing.

InfoTrends’ Opinion

Shifts like the ECM market’s move to a more ad-hoc, distributed capture environment, and the general business atmosphere’s transition towards cloud and mobility, will help solutions such as DCT SimpleECM gain a stronger footing in the marketplace. Also, by providing analytics with this solution, businesses are given a competitive edge. Many organizations think about having an analytics strategy but are overwhelmed with the task of trying to figure out how to go about it. If DCT can collect data in various areas that can be used, and analyzed by their customers, companies can use this information to make better decisions and improve processes, making this a highly valuable tool. InfoTrends believes there is an interest for this type of ECM platform within SMB’s, and as more companies realize the value in capture integration at the front end of business, interest will grow.

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