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Nov 27, 2012

At one stage, camcorders were the only device capable of capturing videos. Today, chances are that even if a person does not own a camcorder they are likely to already own a device with video capability, whether it’s a digital camera or smartphone.

InfoTrends’ end-user research has found that a majority of Western European camera owners report using their digital camera or mobile phone most often for capturing video clips. An advantage that mobile phones have had over digital cameras and camcorders is convenience. The fact that most consumers carry their mobile phones with them at all times makes them a handy device for spontaneous video capture opportunities. And since many people carry their digital cameras with them to special events they may not feel it’s necessary to carry their video camcorder as well, unless they are purposefully planning on capturing extensive videos. The use of these alternative recording devices has resulted in camcorder owners using their camcorders less frequently or not at all.

Source: 2012 InfoTrends European Digital Photography Survey

Camcorders face serious competition from digital cameras and mobile phones. Since many consumers already own video-enabled devices, vendors and retailers face a great challenge getting consumers to purchase a camcorder. In order for camcorders to successfully compete with these devices camcorder vendors need to address the features that make competitive devices more desirable. Marketing initiatives should be aimed at target demographics and those who are interested in capturing full-length videos. Vendors and retailers should play on the emotional factor of capturing, storing and sharing videos, as well as the creative possibilities.

The full Digital Camera Video Capture report is available on the InfoTrends report store. This report examines Western European digital camera video capture trends, including the frequency in which videos are captured, how videos are shared, subjects and events taken, as well as the impact that digital cameras and mobile phones have on camcorder ownership and use.

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