Compart Enters the Document Composition Market with DocBridge Impress

David Stabel
Nov 28, 2016

During the twelfth annual Comparting conference—held on Novemeber 17-18 in Böblingen, Germany—Compart introduced its newest product within its DocBridge suite of solutions called: DocBridge Impress. While some customers already have access to DocBridge Impress, version 1.0 will be released in April 2017. The first update version (1.1) is planned for late 2017.

Impress Logo

The Comparting conference is a two-day international forum for multi-channel document management. With more than 400 people from 15 different countries having attended this event–up from 375 attendees last year–the Comparting conference is growing in popularity. In fact, it is one of few events for customer communications in Europe. This year’s agenda included keynotes, customer presentations, and educational tracks focused on business and technology.

Designing for Omni-channel Communications

DocBridge Impress is a template-based composition solution for web, mobile, and printed communications. Designing is done in a digital-first (paper-agnostic) manner, using the industry standards: HTML5, SVG, CSS, and XML/XSL. Based on a single template, output is generated for each desired communication channel.

Compart developed DocBridge Impress with different user types in mind, including:

  • IT Administrator who build templates for use by business users
  • Text Administrator who is responsible for the content and rules related to the customer communication
  • Office User who creates the final communication within the limitations set by the template and content rules

The designer also offers multi-channel preview capabilities to verify the correct display in print or electronically using different display sizes (e.g., a tablet screen versus a smart phone screen).

impress preview mobile

impress preview print

DocBridge Impress Mobile verus Print Preview

A Runtime System for High-speed Production

DocBridge Impress also comes with a Cloud-based runtime system, meaning that it can be run within a Cloud environment. This allows customers to fully benefit aspects of cloud computing, such as dynamic scaling of computer capacity and no need for local installations or plug-ins. Further to this, through its SOA architecture, DocBridge Impress can be easily integrated within existing IT environments, output management systems, or other software solutions.

Separating Business Logic from Language Logic

An interesting concept that DocBridge Impress brings with it is the separation of business logic from language logic. As words are typically not 1:1 exchangeable across different languages–for example, right-to-left languages versus left-to-right languages–designing issues exist in these cases. Multiple templates (for one language each) can do the trick. But with its own language logic, DocBridge Impress can handle multiple languages from one single template, limiting the number of templates to manage.

InfoTrends’ Opinion

Offerings in the document composition solution market have remained largely unchanged in recent years. We have seen some acquisitions, but no major new solutions have been introduced. The introduction of Compart’s DocBridge Impress changes that.

Although its core business comes from print, Compart is choosing a digital-first strategy, acknowledging that default customer communication channels are increasingly shifting to digital. This strategic shift is important and lays the groundwork for Compart’s future.

The ability to design digital and printed communications using web-based technology (rather than page-based languages) is a key aspect of a digital-first approach and something we see others already doing. For example, users of Objectif Lune’s OL Connect Technology can design their digital and printed communications using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. In its latest version, OpenText Exstream also supports these web-based standard for designing digital and printed communications as announced at Dialogue 2016.

Having said that, this first version of DocBridge Impress offers limited functionality compared to established solutions in the market. To become a true competitor to these established solutions, Compart is best advised to quickly expand functionality. We look forward to seeing how DocBridge Impress evolves between now and the next Comparting conference!


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