censhare Community Days 2014

David Stabel
Oct 9, 2014

On Oct. 3rd 2014 this years censhare Community Day was held in Munich, Germany. censhare AG (censhare) is a provider of software for digital publishing and marketing automation. The company invited its partners and industry analysts to share best practices and insights on its latest developments as well as trends in digital publishing and marketing. Several case studies showed how censhare helps marketers and enterprises with the challenges of managing content, associated workflows and distribution processes. In addition, censhare revealed the key highlights of its new software version that will be released in Oct. 2014: censhare 5.0.

Stefan Ruthner, EMEA sales manager at censhare, opening the censhare Community Days 2014

Robert Motzke, Chief Product Officer (CPO) and co-founder of censhare, presented the details of the new censhare version 5.0 and shared some insights into the future direction of the system. The most obvious change in version 5.0 is that it has got a complete new client interface. One of the main objectives for developing this new client interface was to improve the usability of the system for enterprise users. The HTML5 based interface supports modern browsers as well as mobile devices and can be completely configured for each single user with an apps-like concept called widgets. These widgets can be installed and updated through the integrated censhare store and are completely customizable.

The new version includes an integrated communication platform to allow an efficient collaboration between different users working on projects as well as new on-board tools for managing projects such as: the planning and monitoring of resources and project budgets, analytics for creating all kinds of reports, work in progress status, status of digital assets, and much more. Its integrated marketing resource management (MRM) feature supports marketers in the planning of marketing campaigns and improving performance for managing huge amounts of assets (e.g. searching and assets operations).

According to InfoTrends’ North American Marketing Software Investment Outlook, marketers today are actively searching for solutions that allow them the flexibility to manage assets, improve workflows, and to have the ability to publish to new channels. With marketers increasing their technology spending in digital channels by over 5% within the next year, tools such as MRM will increasingly become important. MRM solutions allow for a complementary solution to other marketing software solutions such as digital publishing. As the growing use of digital publishing technology increases within marketing departments so will challenges in the workflow when it comes to managing assets, insuring brand consistency, and proper channel deployment. With a push in digital publishing technology and more complex marketing techniques such as geolocation, e-commerce and gamificiation, MRM can serve as a way to funnel all of these various requirements, which in turn means more content and channels managed through one centralized platform within the enterprise.

InfoTrends Opinion

With its new version censhare is steering its system further towards a completely integrated enterprise platform for managing all types of content as well as related business and system processes. In doing so, it is putting a strong focus on productivity by offering a rich set of collaboration functionalities, automation, and analytics capabilities.

InfoTrends expects that the merger of digital publishing technology and software solutions such as campaign management, web content management or marketing resource management is more likely to be seen in this market segment. Through its Digital Marketing Management (DMM) Advisory Service, InfoTrends is closely following developments in this market.



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